Veteran’s Day


I wasn’t a military wife for long; my husband joined the U.S. Military in 2003, we were married in 2007 and he got out in 2009.  But in those short years, my appreciation for our military and their families grew so much and I gained a whole new level of respect for our military men and women. I personally felt the pride of a military wife, I felt the pain of a deployment and I saw how the military life affected people first hand. Being in the military is so much more than “just a job;” it’s a way of life for our troops and they give up so much for our freedom. While we’re thinking of our troops and everything they do for us, let’s not forget their families. The wives, husbands, daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and other family members that make up the support systems for our military are very important as well; they are the ones that stay behind and provide tons of love and support for the troops.  Many people probably don’t think of the families when they think of our troops. Being a military family is not easy. There is an enormous amount of strength in every military wife and family and the fact that Family Dollar extends their thanks to the families of the troops is so nice.

While so many people say they support our military, it is so wonderful to see a company that actually does more than just talk about supporting our troops and one that participates in Veteran’s Day sales in order to give a little back to our Veterans that have given so much to us.

Family Dollar is doing just that with their Veterans Day Weekend sale that is going on Saturday, November 10th through Monday, November 12th.  Family Dollar is offering 10% OFF for all military, veterans, and their families. WHITE SPACE

One of the best things about this sale is that the 10% OFF discount is valid on the entire purchase not just one item, which is really nice, and no military ID is required.

By: Angie of Big Bear’s Wife                                                 Featured Products: Veteran’s Day