Tips and Tricks for Spring Cleaning


Spring is coming, and I can’t wait!  It’s time to shake out the winter blahs and usher in the freshness of the season.  After a season of hibernating in the house, I’m SO ready to scrub it down, clean it out, and get ready for some summer fun. Which means finally getting to all those cleaning tasks I tend to ignore the rest of the year.

Carrie_CleaningListThe first step in my cleaning routine doesn’t involve a scrubber.  It involves a list.  I go through my house and look to see what needs to be done.  With such a huge amount of cleaning tasks I could add, I want to tackle the ones that are most important to keeping this house looking its best, even if I only get to do them once a year.  This helps me know what supplies I’ll need—plus, it feels so great to cross them off when they are done!

Next, I head to my local Family Dollar.  There are tons of cleaning items all over the store for every task and purpose!  Grab a bucket, too, to hold all your supplies.  Now that you’re ready to go, here’s my top tips and tricks for effective spring cleaning that will allow you tackle all those tasks you don’t usually get to accomplish the rest of the year.

Make a ‘Cleaning Kit’.  Use the bucket as the base of your cleaning kit so that everything you need is right at hand.  Carry it with you from room to room as you clean and you won’t have to search for anything.  It’s a huge timesaver!


Clean top to bottom.  You’ll want to start at the top of every room and work down, so that you don’t get surfaces dirty that you’ve already cleaned.  Start with things like cleaning out the inside of light fixtures and ceiling fan blades.  Then move on to window blinds, windows, and windowsills.  Then, furniture and last comes the floor.  Working top to bottom will save you lots of time and frustration.

Clean ceiling fan blades using a pillowcase.  Use an old pillowcase to cover the blade of a ceiling fan, and then wipe the blade while it’s inside the case.  This contains the majority of the dust and dirt.  Then, simply shake the pillowcase outside and run it through the wash.

Magic Erasers are a multi-purpose cleaning supply you’ll soon be unable to live without.  Okay, perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but they are so versatile!  I use them for baseboards, stair risers, and windowsills among other things.  You can even use them to get the scuffs off many different types of shoes.  Grab a bunch while you’re at the store, you won’t regret it!


Microfiber clothes are incredibly effective at snagging dust.  I use them on the tops of picture frames, bookcases, and other surfaces.  Using them reduces the amount of dust that flies into the air, which then lands on other surfaces.  My kids love the microfiber glove, so I keep them occupied “cleaning” with theirs while I clean with mine.


Carrie_LysolUse Lysol wipes to decontaminate surfaces that can harbor germs.  It’s the end of winter, which means there are probably some cold and flu viruses hanging around.  I take this opportunity to give everything a thorough wipe down– most importantly switch plates, door handles, phones, and remotes.

Mini-blinds can get really dirty; clean them in the bathtub.  That’s right, the bathtub!  I remove the mini-blinds and put them right in a bath with warm water.  Then, I scrub away.  Use a scrubber and dish soap if they are really dirty, or a magic eraser if they only need a light cleaning.  Make sure they are fully dry before reinstalling.  And, of course, be sure to then clean out your bathtub afterwards.

Baking soda and vinegar are effective grout cleaners.  I sprinkle baking soda along grout lines and then spray vinegar from a spray bottle onto it.  After a minute or so, I use a handled scrub brush and the dirt comes right out.


Stock up on trash bags.  Not only do you go through a lot as you clean, I also use them to bag up donations and outgrown clothing.  Then, I label them with permanent marker on the outside so I know where they go—donations, hand-me-downs, recycling or trash.  Don’t want to mix them up accidentally!

Don’t forget about places like your car and computer.  You may not automatically picture either one when you think about Spring cleaning, but it will make you feel great once you clean them out.  Clean the trash out of your car (if you have any), then wipe down surfaces with the automotive wipes.   Your computer keyboard will thank you for a quick swipe or two with this microfiber duster.  And you’ll thank yourself for adding those touches to your Spring cleaning routine.


With your cleaning kit in hand, task list filled out, and a few ‘secret’ cleaning tips, you’ll be well on your way with spring cleaning and getting ready for some summer fun.  Now grab your bucket and let’s get cleaning!

By: Carrie of Making Lemonade                                Featured Products: Home Organization, Household