The Family Dollar more for less recipe challenge featuring celebrity chef Pat Neely


You guys can’t begin to imagine how excited I am with the news I’m about to share with you!

I’m partnering with one of the most fantastic companies in America. They are growing like crazy. They have over 8,000 locations across the US. They have something for everyone. And we all have seen them before!!


Ok, ok, I know what you’re saying “Pat, what’s their name?” The wait is over… it’s FAMILY DOLLAR!!!!!!!!

Yes, that’s right it’s Family Dollar!  I must say we are going to make one heck of a team. We’re a match made in heaven.  Family Dollar stands for the same ideals as do I.  Quality, Value, and Convenience are their main priority. These are the same principles that I live by and what I built my business on. Of course, this is what’s brought us together.

I’m super excited to announce that is not your ordinary partnership. We have some electrifying news to kick off our relationship.  Family Dollar is making some big moves in the grocery business.  They have expanded their already successful business by adding a full section of top of the line, high quality food brand products. How cool is that? You know my juices are really flowing now! Spices, pasta, sauces, snacks, canned goods, quick weeknight dinners – they have even added a refrigeration section.  Check out the food on my table in this picture. All of these products came from my new family, Family Dollar!!

blogimagePat5We are kicking off a thrilling new campaign on March 30th.  Y’all better get ready for this.  The Family Dollar More For Less Recipe Challenge will be the real deal. We have recruited 10 food bloggers who will create original recipes from food products purchased at Family Dollar while spending no more than $15. I’m going to judge these dishes and select a winner.   Here’s the really cool part:  The winner will win a trip to Memphis, get to go shopping with me at a local Family Dollar, and then we’re going to my house and cook their dish!!!  Boy Oh Boy!! Y’all know I love to cook! I can’t wait to select the winner, invite them into my kitchen and get cooking.

Now you understand why I’m SUPER EXCITED!  I’m so proud to be a part of the Family Dollar Family!!!On top of that, we’re going to have some contests for loyal Family Dollar customers to win some other outstanding prizes as well. Follow me on twitter @PatNeelyBBQKing and “Like Me” on Down Home with the Neelys as I will be posting updates.  Stay tuned so you can join in the fun!!