The Big Game – Go Big or Go Home Cookie Recipes


While football is kind of a big deal during The Big Game, some might argue that the party food for The Big Game is just as important. While savory foods are a must during the game, I have to throw some sweets in there as well.

I went with a few cookie dessert items for my sweet treats. I know that even though my husband loves savory items, he can’t turn down a tasty cookie. Plus, the great thing about sweets is that you can match them with your team’s colors.


The first cookies up are…

Football Field Coconut Cookies

What you need:
Coconut Bar Cookies (or any rectangular cookie)
White Icing
Chocolate Icing
Food Coloring Pack (red, yellow, green & blue)
Plastic Sandwich Bags










What to do:

Angie_SuperBowlXLVII_41. Separate the white icing into 5 bowls. Add a little chocolate icing to another bowl.

2. Mix 1 bowl of white icing with green food coloring for the field.

3. Mix 1 bowl of white icing with a few drops of yellow, and 1 bowl of white icing with red (for San Francisco).

4. Mix 1 bowl of white icing with a few drops of red and blue to make purple. Then, add in a few drops of each food coloring to the 1 bowl with chocolate icing, and mix together to make black (for Baltimore).

5. Fill five plastic sandwich bags with each separate color of icing. Snip the tip of each bag to create a piping bag.


I also make football cookies to go with these; spread some green icing onto a cookie and pipe a football with just chocolate icing into the middle of the cookie. Next up are…

Team Color Coconut Sandwich Cookies


What you need:
Coconut Bar Cookies (or any rectangular cookie)
Red Icing (White icing + red food color)
Yellow Icing (White icing + yellow food color)
Purple Icing (White icing + red & blue food color)
Black Icing (Chocolate icing + red & blue)
White Icing
Plastic Sandwich Bags






What to do:


1. Fill each plastic bag with a different color of icing. Snip the tips of the bag to make piping bags.

2. Each sandwich cookie will need 2 cookies. Pipe some of the white icing on to the flat parts of the cookies and top each iced cookie with another cookie.

3. For one set of cookies, drizzle the tops of the cookies with red and yellow icing.

4. For the second set of cookies, drizzle the tops of the cookies with purple and black icing.

Picture 10

5. Let the icing set for about 1 hour and the icing will crust over enough for the cookies to be handled without a mess.



Football Cutout Cookies

What you need:
1 box Chocolate Chip Créme Cookies
White Icing
Chocolate Icing
Plastic Sandwich Bags










What to do:

1. Unwrap the Chocolate Chip Crème Cookies.

2. Fill one plastic bag with white icing and one plastic bag with chocolate icing.

3. Carefully, use a sharp knife and cut the cookies into a football shape.

4. Pipe chocolate icing onto the top of the cookie and spread smoothly.

Angie_SuperBowl XLVII_Combo2

5. Finally, pipe on the white detail of the football onto the cookie.


By: Angie of Big Bear’s Wife                                                             Featured Products: Food