Simple Summer Skincare


I really try to take good care of my skin, but I have to admit that sometimes I forget about it. I know that’s awful to say, but I do. However, in the summer I get on myself even more about remembering to take care of my face and skin. My skin goes through a lot in the summer. It gets a lot of sun – I swim a lot and sweat. Here are my top six favorite things to use during the summer to keep my face and skin looking its best!

Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen

My face dries out so much in the summer. Between the pool water and blaring sun, it doesn’t get a break. This helps me protect my face and keep it fresh and smooth.


St. Ives Apricot Scrub

With all of that summer heat comes sweat, and with of that sweat comes clogged pores. Well, at least for me! I love using this Apricot Scrub to clean my face and my arms. It gets rid of blackheads and dry skin!

POND’S Wet Cleansing Towels

I keep these in my pocketbook at all times. Whenever I feel like my face is getting sweat or if my eye make-up starts to run in the heat, I pull these out and can clean my face in seconds.


St. Ives Lotion

Pool water also sucks all of the moisturizer from my skin when I’m swimming a lot, too. St. Ives Lotion is my “go to” all year long, but even more so during the summer months!

Oil Free Make-up remover 

This is also a lifesaver when I’m at the beach or pool. Sometimes I forget to take off my make-up before I get into the ocean or pool. So at times I end up with crazy “raccoon eyes.” This make-up remover gets rid of that make-up and it doesn’t hurt my eyes!


Last but not least is…

Waterproof mascara 

If I know I’m going swimming that day and don’t have a lot to do out in town, I normally forgo the make-up altogether. But, I always put on a little mascara. In case I forget to wash my face before hitting the pool or beach, this waterproof mascara stays put!


By: Angie of Big Bear’s Wife                                                 Featured Products: Health & Beauty