Summer Punch Popsicles & Water Balloon Fun


Summertime is here and it is HOT here in Texas!  I am constantly trying to come up with ideas to beat the heat with my kids.  I have four little ones who are five years of age and under.  We have to get creative with ways we stay cool. Not only do we try to beat the heat during the summer, but it’s also imperative that we beat it on a budget!

My go-to store for fun summer time activities is Family Dollar.  This past trip I came away with two fabulous ways to keep us cool through the whole summer. I found a popsicle maker that has me beyond excited!


The possibilities of flavors and different kinds of popsicles are endless!  I picked up a huge jug of Hawaiian punch from the food aisle at Family Dollar to make our first round of popsicles.

I poured the Hawaiian Punch into a smaller cup and then used the smaller cup to fill each hole in the popsicle maker.  It was important to fill each popsicle hole up to the very top.


A few hours in the freezer and we had some delicious Hawaiian Punch Popsicles!


One of the brands that I love from Family Dollar is the Discovery Kids Brand.  They have the BEST toys!!!  I found a Water Balloon Nozzle Kit.  Hello…nothing says summer fun more than water balloons!  And there’s nothing worse than trying to fill water balloons inside by the bathroom sink.  Water gets everywhere.


The nozzle that the kit comes with is genius.  You simply attach it to the end of your hose. Then there is a little lever that you can turn on and off.  You pop your balloon on the end.  Turn on the nozzle. Fill up the balloon with water and turn it off.  Easy…peasy.


The kit comes with a ton of balloons. Enough for a few really good water balloon fights!

Popsicles and water balloons… we are set up for a cool and fun summer!


By: Ashley of The Vanilla Tulip                                                 Featured Products: Toys