Summer Hair Made Easy! Tips and Tricks From the Best


Oh baby, it’s hot outside!  Our temperatures have been in the upper 80’s and 90’s for a couple weeks now here in Iowa, and after a couple weeks with a broken air conditioner, plus this heat and humidity, I’ve about had it with my long, shoulder length hair. I’ve been thinking about some new cute summer hairstyles, like short hairstyles that will be much cooler in these hot summer months.

After trying to grow out my hair for a couple years now, I’m not quite ready to head to the hairdressers and let them break loose with the scissors just yet. So, I headed to my local Family Dollar store this weekend in search of new summer hair accessories to help tame my frizzy locks in these summer temperatures. If you’re sweating it out with your hair, here’s three summer hair ideas to help your hair beat the heat.


Go Natural
Summer is meant for simple, easy days, and that goes for your hair as well. There’s no need to spend hours with a flat iron or to add tons of product to your hair when you’re just headed to the beach, pool, or outdoors in the wind and sun all day. Instead, opt for a simple style like a cute headband, a fishtail braid, or quick and easy bun. I fell in love with these stylish lace headbands I found at Family Dollar this weekend. They work great whether I’m headed out to the water park or to work at the office.

Go Up for Hot Summer Days and Down for Sexy Summer Nights
If a busy day or weekend has you on the run, a handy accessory or two can help save the day, and give you multiple styles for different activities. I often pull my hair up in a bun or a ponytail for trips to the pool and amusement park, and then before we head out to evening barbecues or parties, I let it loose to wear down. After a day of being wrapped up tight, my hair usually has some nice waves, and looks great for our nighttime activities.

I found some great scrunchies and hairpins for bargain prices at Family Dollar, which are a summer must-have for anyone with long hair.  Keep a few extra hair clips or hair ties on hand in your purse or in your car for bad summer hair days or when you need to do a quick, emergency up-do.


Save on Hair Stress and Styling Time
Summer heat and humidity can be tough enough on your hair. Whenever possible, give your hair a break from blow dryers, flat irons, and other heat products, and let it dry naturally. Stock up on easy to use summer hair care products like dry shampoos and leave-in conditioners that can be used whether you blow dry or air dry, and be sure to keep cute hair accessories handy for all types of summer occasions. For really hot (or really bad hair days!), it never hurts to have a cute summer hat to keep your hair under control, the sun off your face, and still look stylish at the same time.


What are your best summer hair tips?

By Kim Ritter