Summer Fashion Finds


Even though I live in a sunny city (San Diego) where there is almost always warm weather during the whole year we do get excited about summer! A Flip flops all day! My kids already started asking to wear them and at Family Dollar there are a lot of options, including nice sandals.


My little girl loves Dora and of course there are cute little Dora sandals at the store that I’m sure every little girl loves! These have some sparkling details, which is very in style right now. My boy found the perfect dark blue dragon ones that fit him, but there are plenty other designs to choose from in the store, including skulls, neon, and regular brown flip flops.


When the weather gets warmer, I feel like going outdoors to run and workout again. I haven’t done it in a while because the winter keeps me indoors. I was surprised to see how many fun workout pieces they have available for women. The shorts were my favorite; they are reversible and available in neon colors! I couldn’t decide between the yellow or the purple. I got the yellow pair, but I might come back and get the purple ones too!



For regular summer clothing, there is plenty to mix and match for outfits at the store. Hot pink is everywhere now. Check out the outfit I created with the fun striped skirt and the glittery flats. Glitter goes with everything now, so don’t use it only for evenings! And there are plenty of accessories to choose from to make an outfit!


There are capri stretch jeans and even capri jeggings that are perfect for the base of any outfit. Mix-matching bold colors is something fun to do and it is easy to find them at the store. For example, pair the blue flats with the pink necklace. The bigger the accessories, the better!


For my boy, I love the polo shirts. I got him a couple to go with some shorts. There are different short patterns to choose from, and he loves  camouflage patterns. Too bad I don’t have toddlers anymore because their clothing always comes in the best combinations – colorful t-shirt, button down shirt and shorts all in a set!



For my little girl, there are plenty of outfits to choose from for the summer, from casual shorts to more dressy clothes and even swimsuits.



With one visit to Family Dollar, we can get several summer outfits for the whole family. There are many possibilities combining many pieces!

By: Dariela of Mami Talks                                                        Featured Products: Apparel