Summer Days – Snack & Play


Summer days as a child are the best – late bedtimes, firefly catching, long pool days and plenty of playing outside.  There’s nothing sweeter as a mother than getting to join in on the adventures with my kids.  Coming up with fun activities doesn’t always have to break the bank. A trip to Family Dollar and a little creativity can go a long way!

We love to go camping as a family, but it’s obviously not always doable during the week when my husband is working.  I thought it would be fun to go “camping” in our own yard during the week.


The kids and I headed to Family Dollar and found a mini tent with a built in tunnel for $10! The brand is Discovery Kids.  We set it up in our front yard and my kids played “camping” all day!  The tent was big enough for all three kids to squeeze into.


It was so much fun listening to them playing like they were on a real camping trip.  They gathered sticks from the yard and pretended to have a little campfire outside their tent. The tent provided the perfect scene for a day of pretending!

To complete their day of camping, we decided to make S’Mores for our dessert that evening.  We found the graham crackers, marshmallows and Hershey Chocolate Bars in the food aisles at Family Dollar.

Normally on a camping trip, we would toast our marshmallows over the campfire. Since we had no campfire, we improvised by turning on our gas stove and toasting our s’mores over the flame with a fork. We just turned on our gas stove and toasted our marshmallow over the flame with a fork. Easy and delicious!


That night as my husband and I tucked the kids into bed, we talked about their day of “camping.” It was a sweet time knowing that fun memories were made right in our own yard.  We spent around $15 on the tent and our S’more supplies.  The best part is that the tent can be reused all summer and the S’more supplies will last at least three different occasions.

I adore being home with my kids and encouraging their creativity.  I am looking forward to many more adventures being made at our home this summer!


By: Ashley of The Vanilla Tulip                                                 Featured Products: Summer ToysFood