Summer Crafts


We love to do crafts at home and I’m always looking for ideas to make new crafts with the kids. Even though it’s summer and we spend lots of time outdoors, crafts always keep us entertained. There are endless possibilities!

I came up with these 2 crafts that can be done with simple items and they are super easy.

Paper Plate Fans

What you need:
White paper plates
Craft paint
Craft sticks





What to do:

Step 1: Get 2 or 3 paper plates and cut about 1/5 of them together to leave a semicircle. Glue them together to make the fan more sturdy.

Step 2: Give some paint to the kids and let them paint the fan however they want. I usually try not to give them so many colors so the end result won’t be brown! It can also be colored with crayons and/or markers if its easier.


Step 3: Let it dry. Get a big wide craft stick for the fan handle and glue it to the back. Add some scotch tape, too, to make it more durable.


These fans will be fun to use on a hot day and they can make great gifts for any friends or family during the summer!

Summer Journal

What you need:
Construction paper
Glue stick





This is a great way to keep the memories of the summer. Make a little journal for the kids to write what they did during the summer, it doesn’t have to be every day and sometimes they can just color in it!

What to do:

Step 1: Get a packet of construction paper and pick about 7 different colored sheets.

Step 2: Fold each of them in half and then put each sheet inside the next.

Step 3: Staple them together in the middle and fold.


The kids can create a nice cover with some more construction paper. Cut out small shapes in different colors, triangles, squares, rectangles and let them stick the shapes on the cover with a glue stick. This is an activity that keeps them entertained for a long time and the end result will be nice no matter what. My kids love to glue!


You can leave a large rectangle for them to write their name and title. On the inside of the journal I created two spaces: one for them to color and write in and two are some blank pages for anything we come up with. I also plan to print some photos of one summer day so they can glue them on a page.

By: Dariela of Mami Talks                                                        Featured Products: Craft & Art Supplies