Suave & Silky Summer Hair Care


I love hair products and when I find something that works I stick with it!  I thought it would be fun to show you the summer hair products that I use on a daily basis to have great summer hair.  I have tried salon products before and I can honestly say that the products that I currently use work just as well, if not better! The even better news is that I purchased everything at Family Dollar for a fraction of salon product prices!

Here is a typical run through of a summer hair care style as well as the products that I use.

After I shower each morning, I brush my hair out while blow drying it.

Once my hair is completely dry I get my products ready.  My all time favorite hair product is the Suave Dry Shampoo Spray.


Up until a few months ago I had never used Dry Shampoo.  My hair is extremely fine and tends to be too silky to hold a style.  The Dry Shampoo is the perfect solution for that problem.  I begin by spraying it near the roots of my hair.  Immediately after spraying I rub and blend the Dry Shampoo into my hair.  It gives my hair just the right amount of texture it needs to hold a hairstyle.

Once I’ve applied my Dry Shampoo I use my comb to tease the back of my hair into place.  I then spray a light coat of Suave Touchable Finish Hairspray on my hair, which helps to hold my style in place.  I love this hairspray because it doesn’t make your hair stiff.  It keeps everything in place yet keeps your summer hair style looking natural and soft.

As a busy mom of four it’s imperative that I keep my hair out of my face.  My recent favorite hair find are these twisted bobby pins by Distinctly Basics.


They are like normal bobby pins, but just a tad thicker with a fun twist added to them.

There are several ways that I like to style my hair with these:

The first way, I simply pull back a section of hair from the front and secure it in place with one of the twisted bobby pins. A very simple yet cute look!

The second variation of this hairstyle is to twist the strand of hair before you pin it down.

A fun twist on the first hairstyle (pun intended!).

The third variation of the first hairstyle is to braid your strand before pinning it back with the twisted bobby pin.


Each of these summer hairstyles could be tweaked and adapted in so many ways!  Have fun and be creative with it!

By: Ashley of The Vanilla Tulip                                                 Featured Products: Health & Beauty