Simple Breakfast and Lunch Solutions for Back to School


Sadly, the lazy days of summer are coming to an end. Students have already begun returning to school in some parts of the country, which means parents are scrambling to get the family onto a new schedule for school. We recently visited our local Family Dollar store in search of some simple breakfast and lunch solutions for back to school.  We found everything we need to send the kids off to school with a healthy breakfast. We also found some great back to school lunch ideas, along with a variety of lunch boxes, ice packs, and sandwich keepers.


A great way to ensure your family starts the school year ready and well organized is by establishing various stations in the home to help minimize clutter and chaos. We created a portable back to school breakfast station, and a back to school lunch station, by using a plastic storage bin that can easily slide in and out of the pantry or kitchen cabinet.


Quick Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Sending everyone off to school with a healthy breakfast is really important, yet most moms and dads don’t have time in the mornings to play short order cook. Creating a breakfast station is a great way to cut down on the morning rush, and ensure everyone heads out the door with a full belly.

We picked up a simple storage container from Family Dollar, and filled it with a variety of breakfast favorites like cereal, oatmeal, fruit cups, granola and cereal bars. All of these breakfast options are available at your local Family Dollar store for prices that make it easy to get more for less.

Need more back to school breakfast inspiration? Check out these delicious breakfast recipes!


School Lunch Ideas

Kids can get bored eating the same old thing for lunch every day, so it’s a good idea to have a variety of back to school lunch foods stocked in your pantry. Using the same idea as the back to school breakfast station, fill a container with a variety of foods that can go into your child’s school lunch. Letting your child choose a few of their favorites from the box is a fun way for kids to help you prepare for the day, and will help ensure they actually eat the lunch you send to school.

Family Dollar has a large selection of kid pleasing foods for your child’s lunch box. Our school lunch station includes everything from dried fruit and fruit cups to cheese crackers. Also, be sure to stock up on lunch box drinks like Capri Sun and Mott’s Apple Juice on your next visit to Family Dollar.


These breakfast and lunch stations are going to work great for us this school year, and I’m certain they’ll be great for your family too! We love all the school lunch ideas we found at Family Dollar, so head to your local store today!

By: Laura & Angela

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