Secret Tricks for Magazine Worthy Christmas Trees


Ever wonder how department stores and magazines get their Christmas trees to look so full, colorful, and bright? I did too, until one day I decided to take matters into my own hands and take a peek. I discovered the ‘trick’ they used to achieve that finished look, and it turns out it was super easy.

Instead of hanging ornaments one at a time as many of us do, they bunched and attached them using wire. Suddenly, lonely ornaments became bright punches of color that make your tree look luminous.

Want to see how to achieve this look yourself, using supplies from Family Dollar?  First of all, raid the ornament aisle.  Grab some bulbs in various sizes, as well as Christmas floral stems, angels, decorations, or whatever strikes your fancy.  While there, grab a few rolls of wide ribbon for your garland, too.

The only other supply you’ll need is some floral wire and scissors for cutting it.

For a real ‘wow’ factor, start with a large bulb ornament and some faux poinsettia flower stems.

First, pop the flowers off the stems.  Then use the wire to attach the two pieces by looping it through the plastic of the flower and twisting together.  Be sure to leave two long ‘tails’ of wire on each end.

Once together, use the wire tails to attach to the tree.  Add a few of these on your tree, and you’ll have a stunning display!

Another simple way to add pizzazz to your tree is bunching ornaments.  Place ornaments in groups of three, putting together colors and textures that complement each other.  Loop floral wire through the hole in the top of each ornament, and once you have all three together twist the wire.  Again, leave two long tails of wire for attaching them to the tree.

Family Dollar also has these clips with various decorations already attached.

Use them as is, or do the ornament bunching trick described above and add a few more bulbs with floral wire.  Bam, now you have a mega-glam clip for your tree!

Wide ribbon makes a fabulous garland, and Family Dollar has a lot of it.  Wrap it around the tree and push in at intervals to give it a decorator’s touch.

There you have it, one simple trick that can take your tree over the top and make it look even more magazine worthy.  All thanks to tweaking the already great selection of Christmas items from Family Dollar!

By: Carrie of Making Lemonade                                                       Featured Products: Christmas