School’s Out! How to Have the Perfect “Staycation”


If a dream family vacation doesn’t fit into your budget this summer, no worries! You can have just as much fun right in your own backyard, literally and figuratively. With a little bit of time, creativity, and even less money, you can plan a summer staycation your family is sure to love.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt. Pick a favorite park or place you like to visit in your town, make a list of things for your kids to find, and let them go. Your kids will have a blast searching for all the things on the list.

Also, be sure to visit local state parks and community pools. Even take a visit to the beach, if you’re lucky enough to live near one. Plus, keep in mind that many bowling alleys and movie theaters offer affordable summer rates.

Create some fun in your backyard this summer! If you have a grill, have a BBQ for lunch. If you don’t, stop by your local Family Dollar store for a great selection of affordable charcoal grills.



I was able to create a simple backyard oasis with some colorful stacking chairs and a table from my local Family Dollar store. It’s blazing hot here in Georgia, so a kiddie pool and Aqua Blast Hopscotch are much needed additions to our backyard fun. Family Dollar has a fantastic selection of pools, outdoor toys, and lots of games for fun in the sun.



I couldn’t resist picking up some cute mason jar beverage containers with freezer gel. They were only $3 a piece, and will keep our drinks icy cold while we’re having fun outside.

When the sun goes down, keep your staycation fun going with Outdoor by Design Bamboo Torches. I picked some up at my local Family Dollar store for just $3 a piece.



For more family fun, create your own miniature golf course. Taking a large family like mine to play miniature golf can be very costly, so I created my own backyard miniature golf course for under $10 with great items from Family Dollar.

To make the golf course, I purchased a package of 16 ounce plastic cups for $2 and an assortment of garden stakes. Family Dollar has a variety of very cute garden stakes for just $1 to $2 a piece. You’ll also need one of Dad’s old golf clubs and some golf balls.


Use a garden stake to mark each hole on the course. Use a small garden spade or shovel to dig a hole large enough to hold a plastic cup. You want the lid of the cup to be flush with the ground. If you don’t want to dig up your yard, you can just place each plastic cup on its side. Creating your own miniature golf course, like mine, is easy, affordable, and fun for the whole family!

I’m really looking forward to my family’s staycation this summer! Will you be having your own vacation at home?

by Laura Kromer