School is Out – Fun activities to keep your little ones from getting bored


Did you hear that? It’s the excitement building in the air as the last day of school approaches. With more free time for the kiddos, a quick stop at your local Family Dollar can help beat that summer boredom! From outdoor toys to creative crafts, they have you covered with affordable activities.

I visited Family Dollar this week to take a peek at all the awesome, new products, and I think you’ll be excited for some of my finds! They have so many great seasonal items to choose from so the fun never ends!


Spend Time Outdoors

With the weather warmer, spending time outdoors is always a favorite for my family. Whether you want to get in some physical activities or just let loose and have a good old time, there is a little something for everyone. One of my favorite finds was sidewalk chalk for only $1. Imagine the countless hours of fun to be had! From drawing to summer games, like hopscotch, sidewalk chalk provides hours of affordable fun. Another classic activity available in all shapes and sizes at Family Dollar are bubbles. I found this really cool bottle that blows really big bubbles. You can hold the wand in your hand and twirl to blow a lot of bubbles all at once. Fun!

Dawn_Summer2 Two other fun and inexpensive goodies that I spotted are jump ropes and hula hoops. I don’t know about you, but these were two of my all-time favorites growing up! But don’t let the kids have fun alone, these can make for some great summer fun for the whole family too!

Have Fun with Water

Need to cool off? There are plenty of really great options to cool down with water toys! I spotted some awesome water soakers, kiddie pools, and even this great water balloon pumper for only $10! My son loves playing with water balloons, and this pumper makes it easy to fill up the balloons without having to drip water in and out of the house. You can fill the bottle and pump water into the balloons outside. It also dubs as a water mister! It comes with 250 balloons too and at only ten bucks, it promises a lot of cool summer giggles!


Get Crafty and Cute

Do you have a little crafter at home? One of my favorite things to shop for is budget friendly craft items. There is nothing like a fun art project to get that creativity in motion. With a large selection of both flip flops and hair accessories, the possibilities are endless to have your little ones help make their own stylish combos.


I was able to createa few cool matching sets. For one project, I used artificial flowers to add flair to ordinary items. I trimmed the flowers off of the bouquet and glued them onto flip flops, headbands, and hair elastics. For another projecgt, I used mini washi tape rolls to create little bows that can be taped or glued onto hair accessories and flip flops. The possibilities are endless!


Fun Activities for After Dark

Just because the sun has set, doesn’t mean the fun needs to end! How about some fun with light? I found these cute little “light up badges” for only $1 each. I then filled a decorative lantern with gems that are typically used to fill vases.


I put the light up badge on top of the container face down so that the light would illuminate the gems and make really pretty colors! The best part is that it flashes, making the colors change. Your kids will get a real kick out of it!


How is that for fun summer activities for kids?

Make sure to head over to your Family Dollar to stock up on all your summer activity needs. They have everything you need to make this summer the best ever!