Ready, Set, Tailgate!


I’ve been living in the USA for about 12 years now and the first time I heard about tailgating was 2 years ago. Before that, I didn’t even know it existed! Where I come from, Venezuela, you can say we do a lot of tailgating. Maybe not for Football games but for anything you can imagine! It’s mostly done by the younger generation. They park their cars, have some loud music, drinks, food and start dancing at the soccer game, baseball game or the beach.

Now, over here with my family we haven’t done much tailgating yet. But my 6 year old son is starting to care a little more about our local football team, which is the San Diego Chargers, and he likes to root for them. He told me recently he wanted me to get him a Charger’s shirt, so in preparation for tailgating days I created a super easy tailgating food set-up for a fun day of tailgating!

Here are some tailgating ideas:

  • Take a picnic basket for all your tailgating supplies and pack up the food in it, which is prepared at home right before the event.
  • Get frozen fries and cheese nuggets which are easy to heat up in the oven. Plus they are finger foods and easy for people to eat while outdoors and without any seats.


  • Prepare some tailgating food, like sandwiches by spreading Thousand Island dressing on bread slices and adding cheddar cheese and sliced turkey.
  • Take a cooler with everyone’s favorite drinks in it. To save money I suggest getting the 2 liter bottles and having some plastic cups available.
  • Make a cold pasta salad, easy to eat and it will maintain fresh in the cooler.
  • Get cardboard plates, plastic cups, plastic tablecloth and plastic silverware in green or the color of your team to make the trunk of your car look festive.


Here is one of the fun themed tailgating recipes you can make: Get some oval shaped crackers (Town House Pretzel crackers, for example), add an oval shape piece of cheddar cheese (cut it nicely with the top of a can!) and decorate with mayonnaise on top like a football!


With these simple ideas, everybody will be cheerleading for the team and enjoying their tailgating games without having to leave for food or drinks, all they need is there!


By: Dariela of Mami Talks                                                        Featured Products: Football, Food