Plans and Preps for a Perfect Thanksgiving Meal


Thanksgiving dinner. The best dinner to be had all year long in my opinion! The delicious food, the decorations, the fellowship. We all know the lavish spread doesn’t just instantly appear. Unless you order it in that is!  ;-)

A lot of preparation and planning goes into making the meal perfect. Perhaps you make the meal on your own or perhaps everyone brings a few dishes. Either way, planning is important in pulling off a stress-free and delicious meal!

Having the right supplies is key in your preparation. I headed to Family Dollar and bought a notebook, pencils and post-it notes.

Set aside a time when you can sit and plan for a few hours. Perhaps you like a traditional feast or maybe your family has different foods added to the traditional fare!

Write down your menu in your notebook making sure to use a pencil. I love using a pencil when menu planning. When you change your mind on something, it’s easier to erase than to scribble it out!

Once your menu is finalized, take out your post-it notes. Write each dish on an individual post-it note. Set them aside.

It’s so important to have the right dishes and serving utensils when serving a large meal. Easy clean-up is key when feeding big crowds. I purchased disposable pans and extra serving utensils from Family Dollar.


Make sure that each dish has a utensil to serve with. Once you have enough dishes, place your pre-written post-it notes on them.

Now you’re set to make your Thanksgiving meal! Your dishes are lined up and appropriate serving utensils are nearby! This will help to cut down on the stress of the day.

The last thing I made sure to pick up from Family Dollar was a set of plastic containers. Having containers on hand to store leftovers will also help to cut down on clean-up time!

Planning ahead is key to enjoying the upcoming Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble Gobble!

By: Ashley of The Vanilla Tulip                                                 Featured Products: ThanksgivingKitchen