Pamper your Pets


A few weeks ago we celebrated my dog Jasper’s 7th birthday. I got Jasper back in 2006 right after getting engaged and he’s been with us ever since.  We don’t have any children of our own yet so for now our dogs Jasper and Bella are like our “babies.” I use this as an excuse to spoil them whenever I can.   I went shopping and bought a few new things for Jasper and Bella to celebrate his big day.


I purchased the bed to match the living room and because I knew Bella would like it. Well, it turns out that Jasper must have known it was his birthday and on his birthday he gets all the “presents” because as soon as I sat the bed down he climbed into it and wouldn’t move.  Nor did he want Bella to come near his presents.

I actually had to pick him up to get a quick picture of everything I bought for him. *Yes, I scrapbook everything, so I needed pictures.*


Along with his bed, he got a lot of treats and a new leash for walks. We just moved to the city so he actually needs to be on a leash when we got out now.

I love to have treats in the house for the dogs.  We give treats to them in moderation, but I do like to reward them when they’ve been good or as soon as they get out of the bath. Our dogs hate water, so after we give them baths they normally get a treat. It makes them like us again.  As much as they hate baths, they love to sit in the bathroom and let us brush them and dry them with the hair dryer. They act like they’re being groomed for a dog show.

Milo’s Kitchen Treats and the Purina Busy Bones are probably their favorites. I used to think that dogs would just eat anything, until I met ours. They are so picky when it comes to food and treats. We also started giving them mini rawhide bones and I noticed that we were going through those little bones way too fast.


It turns out that the puppies loved them so much that they were storing them in the couch cushions, half eaten. Haha.  We now limit those little mini rawhide bones to one a week.


I also picked up a few containers of Beneful and some of the Moist and Meaty dog food.  With these two, it seems like we have to switch up their food every so often or they get bored and won’t eat.

Along with all of these fun things, I did pick up a little squeaky hamburger for Bella. She’s our only dog that likes to play with toys so she may or may not have a huge amount of squeaky toys in her little toy box.  I love spoiling my babies so much!


By: Angie of Big Bear’s Wife                                                       Featured Products: Pets