Outdoor Summer Fun


I’m a summer girl through and through.  Once the warm temps hit, we spend as much time as possible enjoying the gifts summer brings, including the gift of time with friends and family.  We love to fire up the grill and hang outdoors whenever we can!

Getting ready for our first BBQ of the year, I noticed our outdoor toys and games bin was in need of some refreshing.  Of course there’s the ever-present bubbles and sidewalk chalk, but I was looking for a few fun additions to the summer regulars.  We needed activities the kids as well as the adults would enjoy.  Family Dollar had us covered with a great selection of outdoor toys, but we also raided the other aisles to come up with a few ‘outside ofthe box’ ideas.  Our first party is sure to be a blast with the fun and crazy ideas for all ages that we came up with!

Pirate Bubble Ship

Bubbles are great until you have to stand there for 30 minutes blowing them as the kids shriek for more.  This Jake and the Neverland Pirates bubble blower solved that problem!  Place on a sturdy surface and let ‘er go: tons of bubble fun, no work for you.


Hamper Basketball

I’m a big fan of pop-up hampers to organize the home as well as to use when traveling, so let yours do double duty as a ‘hoop’ for some lawn basketball.  Place the hamper on the lawn and see who can get the balls inside.  Use various sized balls and methods to mix it up.  Super fun, and it folds flat for easy storage to boot.



You don’t need pavement to play hopscotch.  These bathtub appliqués ($1 a pack) make perfect targets for a hopscotch game!  I’d suggest getting two packs, and then laying them out in a pattern with single jumps (one star) or double jumps (two stars).  My kids loved playing hopscotch and then rearranging the stars easily to create a new course.


Scoop Ball & Lawn Toss

A rousing game of Scoop Ball or Lawn Toss is always fun for all ages.   Having these in the outdoor toy arsenal is a must!


Carrie_OutdoorFun_Playground-ballPlayground Balls

We love playing with these because they come in all sizes and can be used for so many different games.  From kickball to Hamper Basketball (above), playground balls are a staple of outdoor fun.  They make great decorations, too: fill a galvanized tub with them as a centerpiece at your outdoor party, and after you finish dinner you have a game right at your fingertips!

Jump Rope

We all know how to use a jump rope the traditional way, but there are plenty of other ways to use it as well.  We like to include one laid flat as part of an obstacle course.  The kids try to walk it like a tightrope (or, ‘squish the snake’) before they move on to the next item on the course.  You can also use it as an impromptu limbo stick.  Sure, it’s not official but it works in a pinch!



What’s a little friendly competition without a few prizes?  Stock up on small snacks and treats so everyone feels like a winner when it’s all said and done.


Storage Bin

At the end of your play session or party, see who can get the most items in the bin and cleanup will be complete.  Simply store the bin until your next get-together; summer fun will be ready to go!


As you can see, stocking up on both traditional toys and making your own games using everyday objects keeps it interesting.  We’re ready to have some outdoor fun this summer, how about you?

By: Carrie of Making Lemonade                                                       Featured Products: Summer