Organizing Your Closet for Fall


Organization is incredibly important to me in our home.  Not only because it keeps me sane, but because we have six people living in 1100 sq. ft.  We have chosen to live small, which we love. And while I do love being close together it does mean that when it comes to storage I have to be smart.  Everything needs a specific place otherwise our tiny home begins to feel cluttered and quickly.

Three of my children share a large closet for now, but I have thought about do-it-yourself (DIY) closets in the future if we need more space. For now I make the most of any closet organizing ideas I find and hope my closet organization tips can help you, too! This past week I pulled everything out of their closet to organize it. There were clothes, shoes and hair bows EVERYWHERE.  I headed to Family Dollar to find some simple solutions.  Here is what I picked up: a shoe organizer, six sets of children’s hangers and an over the door hook system.

I began by tackling the clothes.  I gave each child their own color hanger. My daughter has the pink hangers, one son has the blue hangers and the other son has the white hangers.  I try to hang up the majority of their clothes.  Whatever is left gets folded neatly and placed into Rubbermaid drawers at the bottom of the closet.

Ashley_Closet Organization_Combo1

Having everything color-coded makes it easier for the kids to get dressed by themselves every morning, too.  They know to look for their certain hanger color!

The next order of business was organizing my girls’ bow collection. They had originally been stored in a box in the closet.  This made it super hard to find the exact bow or headband we were looking for, though.

I first hung the shoe organizer over a closet door. I then clipped all of the hair bows to it. And I added some of the headbands to the pockets as well.  Then I hung the little hook system on top of the shoe organizer and hung all of the stretchy headbands on that!  I am kicking myself for not having done this sooner! Now, instead of digging through a box deep in the closet searching for the perfect bow, I can simply open the door up and see everything right in front of me!

Ashley_Closet Organization_Combo2

It feels so great opening up their closet and seeing everything where it should be.  It has made my life so much easier in many ways.  My kids now know where everything is, thus helping them get ready for their day quicker.  When I put away laundry I can do it fairly quickly knowing that each piece has a place. And the organization has also helped with the hair bow clutter!

For a very minimal amount I was able to make that part of our home organized thus resulting in a happier home!

By: Ashley of The Vanilla Tulip                                    Featured Products: Home Organization, Household