New Year, New you! Let’s get Physical and look great getting in shape!


Getting in shape is not as hard as we think, it just takes a little willingness from the inside to get to look nice and overall feel comfortable on the outside. The beginning of the year is the perfect moment to get in shape for women because we get a new force and power that helps us start it, usually making it a resolution.

Here are tips for how to get in shape and look great:

1. Start with a small commitment. This means you can do it easy staying real. If you commit to exercise 5 days a week it might too hard of a change, instead, try starting with 2 days a week and see how it goes, if you find it easy then start increasing the amount of days.



2. Dress the part. Looking good while getting fit has a positive impact. Family Dollar has great options for athletic clothing. You can mix and match black leggings for example with tank tops  and then cover with the colorful hoodies available. There are great light sweatpants that match with the zipper hoodies as well.



3. Make it a family matter. Including the kids in for a hike during the weekends is a great idea! That way the whole family gets fit and the kids learn first hand that it’s good to get physical and enjoy the outdoors. We love to get out and hike around our neighborhood. Now that we have done it several times, the kids are the ones that ask for it!



4. Relax those muscles. Unwind and kick back after a great workout, getting balanced is also part of the deal. The great part about the athletic clothing that Family Dollar offers is that it is so comfortable to relax. Just change the shoes for something more cozy and you can spend the whole no-exercise day in these clothes. Or after the workout layer with a hoodie on top and run some errands!


There are so many different ways of how to get back in shape but the very first thing we all have to do is just start! Let’s follow up this New Year’s resolution and keep working out! Check out the fun and comfortable athletic-leisure apparel that Family Dollar has available, you won’t regret it!


By: Dariela of Mami Talks