Eat, play, love: New ways to pamper your pet

Kitten in a basket with flowers

Looking for a few good ways to show your pet some love?

Check out some great ideas we know they’ll really enjoy.

Pet Your Pet

Most pet owners already know that hugs, kisses, neck scratches, and back massages are all great ways to show your love any day, as long as your pet seems to enjoy them. But some pets — especially cats — have preferences regarding where they want to be touched and where they absolutely don’t. Pay attention to those cues, and play along.

That said, this is the perfect day to start or renew a habit of regularly showing your pet affection. One added benefit of all the touching: You might notice if anything is amiss, such as strange lumps, missing fur, or areas that appear swollen or painful. You can then ask your veterinarian about any abnormalities as early as possible.

Make Time for Play

Play time is important on so many levels. It gets rid of excess energy and helps your pet avoid obesity. Of course, it’s also fun — and every pet will love fun moments with the human he or she loves.

Because every pet is different, don’t assume you know in advance what kind of games are fun for your animal. Some dogs love to fetch, while others might look at you like you’re crazy when you throw a ball. Some dogs’ idea of fun is a run on the beach, while others might prefer to visit the dog park and make some new friends.

Pets who need more stimulation might benefit from interactive toys, such as treat balls — chewable, tear-resistant balls that contain treats that dogs have to earn by chewing diligently.

Try out various new strategies for play. Understanding what your pet likes and dislikes will help you plan the best activities when it’s time to have fun.

Keep Your Pet Healthy

There’s probably no better way to show how much you love your pet than to give him the best food and nutrients you can. It’s best to consult with your veterinarian when choosing the proper food for your pet. Feeding him the wrong food or improper portions may cause pet obesity.

You should also keep up with vaccines and get a full checkup once a year to rule out any health issues that might be lurking. And don’t forget monthly heartworm and tick protection if you live in an area where that’s necessary.

In the end, there’s no better way to show love than keeping your pet healthy and happy. And, when you consider the love you receive in return, that sure is a great bargain.

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