Making Your Labor Day Celebration – Labor Free!


Summer is coming to an end. Kids are going back to school, pool days are starting to fade away and fall decorations are showing up everywhere. But, before we say goodbye to summer all together we wanted to make sure we got in one last summer filled day to hold us over until the weather warms up again! We thought about having a Labor Day party at the house since I fell in love with all of the Labor Day party supplies at Family Dollar this month. But with work and busy schedules I didn’t think we’d have time to get everything together. So, I decided to grab a few things and head over to my best friend’s house instead to celebrate one of our last “summer days” with my god-daughters. I incorporated some of my Labor Day party ideas into a fun filled afternoon for the girls.


We grabbed our swimsuits and headed outside into the sunshine with water balloons. The girls loved filling up the balloons with the Balloon Pumper, so much they filled up a whole cooler in no time!


Once they had a full cooler of balloons, they had a blast chasing each other around the yard!


After they had used up all of the balloons from the first cooler we took a break and they munched on trail mix and went crazy over the Juice Bottles that I had found for them! Tinkerbell, Iridessa and Hello Kitty topped their fun new juice bottles and not only did they enjoy them outside while we played, but we saved them so that they could be refilled with juice again!


After a second round of water balloons, the girls were more than ready for ice cream.


I brought 4 different flavors of ice cream for our dessert. We had chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and Reese Cup to choose from! I also brought over some fun toppings, like marshmallows, chocolate syrup and cherries. They chose to have it in a cone or a bowl, and then we started to create their ice cream masterpieces.


Chocolate and strawberry were two of the most popular choices and they loved being able to make exactly what they wanted. They got a little sticky from the ice cream and cherry juice, but it wasn’t something a few water balloons couldn’t fix. We had a blast celebrating one of our last days of warm, summer weather!

By: Angie of Big Bear’s Wife                   Featured Products: Labor Day, Food, & Toys