Let’s paint Easter Eggs! Tips on how to make your own colorful creations with your kids


Decorating Easter Eggs is a long standing tradition for us and many at this time of the year. There are so many fantastic, fun and colorful ways to spruce up your boiled eggs! The best part is that you can pick up all of your eggs and everything you need for your Easter egg decorating ideas right at Family Dollar. Today, I’m going to share a few of my own ideas and tips for coloring Easter eggs for inspiration.

Easter Egg Coloring Ideas

Easter Egg Coloring Kits


One of the easiest ways to start getting some color onto your eggs is by using a coloring or decorating kit. I picked up a basic dying kit for only $1 and a fun looking “roll on” paint coloring kit for only $2.  You might need vinegar to go along with some kits, so don’t forget to stop in the food aisles while your shopping for your eggs!


The roll on kit is so much fun, great way to let loose with the kids. Let them roll their color on!

Watercolor Paints or Glitter

Another fun way to let the kids have some messy fun while Easter egg coloring is to let them go freestyle with some watercolor paints or with glitter.  You can find these fun crafty items in the stationary or office area at Family Dollar. Grab some old newspaper to put down before you let your mini Picasso add some personality to their eggs.


You can make fun designs with glitter pens. Try squiggles, hearts or polka dots!

Color and Highlight Eggs

Have a little doodler on your hands? Color some eggs using an egg dying kit, then use a hightlighter or permanent marker to make complimentary colored designs. Such a cute way to express your inner creativity. You can get a mini pack of highlighters for around $1!


Napkin Decoupage

This just might be my absolute favorite way to make unique Easter eggs! You can create a simple, yet stunning design using cut out designs from napkins. The best part is that it’s so easy to do! I found these cute Marcal napkins that have a pretty spring design on them at my Family Dollar.


Carefully trim out the designs you want to adhere to your eggs. Mix three parts glue with one part water to make a solution. Use a foam paint brush and apply a light coating of the mixture onto your egg. Gently press the napkin cut out onto the egg. Then, paint another light coating of the mixture over it. Depending on the thickness of your napkins, you may need to let dry and apply a second coat. Voila!


Spray Paint Eggs

Looking for some fun with the older kids or perhaps just a great way to add gorgeous Easter décor to your home? Try spray painting your eggs.  Make sure to follow instructions carefully on your paint!


 Make coloring Easter Eggs epic with metallics like gold and silver!

How is that for some egg-spiration? Make sure to head to your local Family Dollar for all of your Easter Egg decorating needs!

By Dawn Lopez