Let’s Get Ready for Autumn – Tips to Make the Transition Smooth


Fall is a huge time of transition—you’re tucking away summer and preparing for hibernating all winter.  There are a few tips and tricks that keep this transition time running smoothly so we can embrace the crispness and fall colors and still move smoothly into the colder weather months.  Fall cleaning doesn’t have to be painful—by following the ideas on this fall cleaning checklist you’ll have it done in no time flat!

Fall Yard Cleanup

It’s time to put away outdoor furniture, planters, and playthings.  The first step is a really good scrub down.  I prefer a bucket of soapy water for all the outdoor toys, and use the hose to get off the first layer of grime and dirt.  My kids actually love to help clean when it involves bubbles and a hose.

Some items need a deeper clean, such as plastic furniture.  Soft Scrub and a sponge usually work well for this job.  If it’s a surface that can scratch, use a Magic Eraser.

We also like to take advantage of the last few weeks of warm temps and take our indoor furniture (like our kids table) outdoors to clean off as well.  Let them all dry in the Autumn sun for a fresh clean that can’t be beat.


Placing toys on a plastic tarp to dry ensures they won’t get dirty while drying!

After you’ve done all your major fall yard care, its time to put the hose away before freezing temperatures arrive and destroy it.  Trust me on this one!


I found this great expandable rake at Family Dollar that’s perfect for raking leaves and debris from small spaces as well as the rest of your yard.  It’s also a great size for clearing outdoor drains and downspouts.  The expanding tines make it easy to open and close when it’s time to store it, too.


Fall House Cleaning

Time to wash the blankets!  After being stored all summer, blankets and throws need a refresh.  I give them a whirl in the washing machine, and then dryer sheets like these keep them smelling nice.

Cold and flu season is upon us, so stocking up on Lysol wipes helps push it off longer.  I start using them on doorknobs, phones, remotes, and other frequently touched surfaces often now that schools in session and germs are having a field day.


On that note, stock up on tissues, too!  We’ve gone through boxes when a cold or allergy season hits.  Plus, teachers often request them as supplies so it’s nice to have an extra box or two on hand.

Another must-have each morning are baggies for sandwiches and snacks.  We also use them around the house for storing various things.  Don’t be caught unprepared—it’s the worst when your in the middle of making lunch, have 3 minutes to get out the door, and realize you’re out of sandwich bags!

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