Learning Life Lessons with Country Time Lemonade


I’ve always had the entrepreneur bug in me. As a kid, I always wanted to build my own lemonade stand. I imagined myself, in my front yard, selling lemonade to all the people passing by on hot days. I was never able to make my own extravagant stand, but now that the kids are old enough to understand and help in creating their very own stand, my niece and I spent our weekend immersed in this fun family project.

First, we had to get organized and visit CountryTime.com. There, we found a downloadable Famtastic Lemonade Stand-Tacular Plan to create the most amazing lemonade stand. We jumped in our car with excitement, and headed to Family Dollar to purchase all the materials needed to create our brand new “family business.” It was great to be able to find everything for this project in one place.


The Famtastic Lemonade Stand-Tacular Plan gives you different lemonade stand ideas according to your budget and materials readily available to you. You can make an “old school” lemonade stand with a folding table and chairs, a classic American lemonade stand with a few milk crates and boards for the table top, or the Grand Stand, built with fancy materials and some tools. We found that the “old school” option was the most convenient for us, and dressed up a folding table and clothing rack to make our stand. We did, however, go shabby chic with our decorations, and gave it our own personal touch thanks to Family Dollar.


Once we had our set up ready, we made our Country Time Lemonade, and got an early start to beat the extreme heat. We were able to sell a bunch of glasses of lemonade, and even though my niece made few dollars, she decided to donate all her proceeds to a local dog rescue.  My work here was done. We had fun, taught my niece a bit about how to run a business, and the best part of this experience was when she chose to donate her profits to her favorite non-profit organization.


When visiting CountryTime.com, I also learned about another wonderful way to give back via their social media campaign that benefits Alex’s Lemonade Stand.  Alex’s Lemonade Stand is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds and creating awareness of childhood cancer. When you snap a photo of your lemonade stand, tag it with #countrytime #stantacular #lemonade or #famtasmic, post it on social media, and Country Time will donate $5 to AlexsLemonade.org. You can also upload a photo of your child’s lemonade stand to www.facebook.com/CountryTime and a donation will be made on your child’s behalf.

By: Ericka Sanchez

Facebook: @NibblesandFeasts

Twitter: @NibblesNFeasts