Kids Summer Game Bag


School’s out, and the kids are looking for things to do.  Want to keep them entertained while on the go?  Here’s an easy DIY project to do just that—a Summer Game Bag with everything you need right within grasp.  It’s perfect for keeping kids busy while in the car, on a picnic, or at the beach.  Just grab, go, and PLAY!

What you need:
Zippered tote or cinch sac
2 pool noodles, different colors
Portable games such as dominoes, jax, and puzzles
Craft paint and paint spouncer (or use a foam craft brush)
Painter’s tape





Step 1.  Start with a plain bag or tote, such as this Cinch Sac from Family Dollar.  Measure in thirds vertically and horizontally to make a tic tac toe board, and mark the lines with pencil.  You’ll have two lines vertically and two lines horizontally.

Step 2.  Lay down two pieces of tape across the bag to surround each line vertically for a total of four pieces of tape.  You’ll want to have about ½ inch clearance for each line.  This will be your ‘stencil’ for the paint.  Make sure the tape makes a tight seal against the bag’s fabric and there aren’t any wrinkles.


Step 3.  Use your paint spouncer or foam brush to dab paint in between the tape to create two vertical lines.  Don’t use too much paint or it will leak under the tape; the sponge should be fairly dry.  Lightly dab the paint until the lines are completely painted.  Carefully pull off the tape while the paint is wet, then let the lines dry completely.


Step 4.  Repeat Step 3, but make the lines horizontal.  The result should be two horizontal lines marking the bag in thirds.  This will make a tic-tac-toe board.   Let dry completely.


Step 5.  Next, make the game pieces.  Using scissors, carefully cut the pool noodle into five slices of each color.  These are your tic-tac-toe pieces!


Step 6.  Fill the bag with the game pieces as well as other games, such a tin of dominoes, a bag of marbles, a jumprope, and/or puzzles.

Rotate the games out every week or so and no one will get bored.  You now have a bag full of summer games to take with you wherever you may roam.  Happy travels!



By: Carrie of Making Lemonade                                                       Featured Products: Toys, Summer