It’s Carnival Time! Making your own backyard fun!


What a great way to celebrate at home: With a Carnival theme. This is the first time we have done this and I think we should make it a yearly tradition. It was pretty easy to find Carnival party ideas and different backyard Carnival games online. It’s easy and fun to do a backyard Carnival, invite some friends and neighbors and make a party just for the fun of it!

I set up a main table having in mind the red and white theme of a Carnival, especially the stripes. I used 2 plastic tablecloths – one for the table and another one for the backdrop. I cut white streamers and taped them to form the stripes on the back.


I served some of the food that you could find at the Carnival like popcorn, corn dogs and cheese puffs. There are many possibilities of more foods here although the main focus of our party was the games and prizes. I did find some fruity colorful drinks called “Happy Drinks” which the kids LOVED. Just place those on the table with some straws in them and the table already looks festive!


As soon as the setup was ready the kids were already eyeing the prizes. I made little goodie bags with candy items as the smallest prizes, thinking all the kids would get one of the bags even if they won or not. Then, I had a medium size toy and a bigger one for game winners, as well as some for toddlers and others for boys and girls for fun.


For Carnival games ideas, there are so many!  I decided to do bowling with cans and a water balloon game. I got 6 small cans at the Family Dollar store, took the food out, washed them, took the wrapper off and wrapped each can with thin red cardboard to match the decorations.


The water balloon game was basically a water balloon fight – kids should have extra clothes with them, so they are ready to get wet! The more balloons they were able to hit each other with, the more points they received to earn a prize.


All these ideas can also be done for carnival party ideas or for one of the kids’ birthdays. It would look great and be super fun!


By: Dariela of Mami Talks                               Featured Products: Food, Party Supplies, Toys & Games