How to stay stylish at Family Dollar


Staying stylish doesn’t necessary mean spend a lot money in clothes. I believe it has to do with the power of combination and versatility you give to your wardrobe.

At Family Dollar there are some clothes styles for women that can help you stay stylish. I got some leggings in different styles that match lots of tops so they can be very versatile.

I love the jeans leggings or jeggings because they do look like real jeans and yet you are comfortable wearing them!



I like to match the jeggings or the regular black leggings with a plain tank top and then top it with a long blouse that has some design on it. There are many beautiful striped blouses with wonderful details on them. Even the plain tank tops have a nice lace detail that helps you look stylish.


The leggings are a great clothing style to adopt! It is a trend that has been out for a while now and I believe it will keep being trendy for 2014 clothing styles. I got another pair of leggings that look just like pants! They have fake stitches and pockets on top just like the jeggings, these pair might even look like corduroy.


I got a beige set of pants that I combined with a black top. The top has sparkly details and a nice detail of lace in the back. It can work for day as well as for night time.


There are plenty of tops to choose from at Family Dollar so you can make a stylish wardrobe with a couple of pants or leggings and several tops. Stick to 2 or 3 colors and you will look great! Oh and don’t forget to check out the clothing styles for men! They have something for everybody!

By: Dariela of Mami Talks