How to Organize Your Home for the Holidays

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Can you believe the holidays are almost here?  With Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas all on the horizon it’s good to plan and prepare as much as you can now so you can enjoy the holiday spirit later.  Organizing for the holidays is easier than you think, too—a quick trip to Family Dollar to stock up on supplies to organize your home means less stress down the road!

Gift wrap:  There are tons of great patterns out there, and having it on hand now means you can wrap as you go and avoid 2AM panic attacks over a pile of unwrapped gifts on Christmas Eve.  This Thomas the Train wrapping paper is perfect for my train-loving son. And my daughter and I loved the princesses and reindeer paper, respectively.

Need a place to store scissors, tape, and gift tags?  These plastic drawers are perfect for that purpose, and you’ll never have to hunt for tape if you stock up on it now.


Storage:  Here’s a tip for you—store bulky garlands in trashcans!  You can coil faux evergreen garlands inside large trashcans so they don’t get dusty or crushed while in storage.

I’m also a huge fan of bins.  These hard sided plastic bins are great for storing ornaments and decorations.  Fill and label the bins with the various contents: tree, dinnerware, décor, etc.   Just be sure to wrap breakables nicely to protect them, and you’ll make decorating the tree and home a snap for future years.

Gifting:  Whenever I bring the kids along to Family Dollar they always find toys and stocking stuffers they love.  To avoid the barrage of constantly saying ‘no,’ I’ll take a photo and tell them I’m sending it to Santa.  So far their favorite toys are these flashlight stuffed animals.  Santa is definitely going to need to get two of them this year!

I also fell in love with these red and white baskets.  They’d make great gift baskets thanks to their holiday colors and sturdy sides.  Fill them with themed gifts such as popcorn and a movie for ‘movie night.’


Winter Weather:  Here on the east coast we get lots of ice.  One recent Halloween we even had snow!  That’s why it’s a good idea to get a bag of ice melt or rock salt early in the season.  I bought this utility bin to store it so that pathways are clear for holiday guests, and our garage stays organized and safe for the kids.

Holiday organizing now means less stress later so you can really enjoy the spirit of the season.  Plus, it’s best to organize your house while there’s still free time left, because once the holiday season rolls around your time will be better spent celebrating with friends.  Enjoy your (organized) holidays!

By: Carrie of Making Lemonade                                                       Featured Products: Household & Toys