How to Keep Yourself & the Little Ones Healthy during the Start of Winter


Feel that chill in the air?  Winter is on its way!  And with cold weather comes cold and flu season, so I try my best to be prepared for maintaining winter health through these long indoor months.  Here’s a few health tips for helping boost winter wellness to minimize the sneezes and shivers this season!

Tip #1:  Make handwashing easy for everyone.  The #1 way to prevent the spread of illness is by washing your hands.  Unfortunately, the under-10 crowd doesn’t always agree.  Make hand washing enticing by using products that are easy, such as these Johnson & Johnson buddy bars.

We also stock up on hand soap for adults, and hand sanitizer for when we’re out and about and unable to properly wash our hands.


Tip #2: Catch it before it spreads.  Tissues are essential this time of year because of the inevitable sniffles, colds, and allergies.  We stock up now so we’re prepared for allergy attacks and sneezes alike.


Tip #3: Brush, brush, brush!  Another small thing you can do to help prevent illness is to make sure you change out your toothbrushes frequently.  We toss or sterilize ours after every cold, and changing them out every few months is very important.  Using a fun, child-friendly toothpaste entices kids to maintain good toothbrushing skills, which in turn leads to overall better health.  Make sure toothbrushes for various family members are kept separately, too.

Tip #4: Lights on for safety.  Winter’s arrival means it gets darker earlier.  Since the sun goes down early, our home suddenly has areas that need more light for safety reasons.  We place these automatic nightlights in rooms like the kids’ bathroom to safely provide light during nighttime bathroom runs.


Tip #5: Be prepared.  Another idea to prepare ourselves for winter health is to create a Cold and Flu survival kit.  Having the necessary medicines and cold relief items can save you a midnight trip to the pharmacy.  I fill a small bin with tissues, hand sanitizer, cold meds, fever reducers, and more… including something special for the kids.  When my kids are sick, nothing warms them up more than a new toy, book or special stickers.   Having all these items on hand gives us peace of mind!

Tip #6:  Vitamin C and soup for me.  Healthy eating is also important, so we try to load ourselves up with anything that has vitamin C such as mandarin oranges (a favorite snack in our house).   But, of course, when the germs do win and we get colds nothing compares to cans of good old-fashioned soup.  That’s why we browse the food aisles at Family Dollar and make sure we have those particular canned goods on hand throughout the winter

There you have a few of my favorite winter health tips.  A little preparation now means smoother navigating of the upcoming cold and flu season.  Now if the sniffles and sneezes arrive, you’ll be prepared—or better yet, you’ll avoid them completely.

By: Carrie of Making Lemonade                                                       Featured Products: Health & Beauty