How to Keep Hair and Skin Healthy this Winter


By this time of the year, living in heated environments inside and battling frigid temperatures outside can leave skin and hair in need of hydration. In this piece, I will show you how to keep your hair and skin healthy and hydrated so you’ll beat the winter beauty blahs and glow into the New Year!

How to Keep your Hair Healthy and Moisturized


First, it’s important to choose a great shampoo and conditioner.  There are many formulas depending on your hair’s needs, so check the labels to find the perfect fit for you. Treated, fine hair, and dry hair all need different formulas to target your particular challenges.

Then, try to avoid heat styling too much during these months.  That only causes more damage.  Leave-in curlers work like a curling iron with much less damage, or maybe skip a day of blow-drying to give your hair a break.


There are many products you can use to give an additional boost to winter damaged hair, so look for hair masks and treatments that work for your needs.  A coconut oil mask once a week leads to shiny hair—give it a try!  It’s a great trick I’ve learned on how to keep your hair moisturized.

How to Keep Skin Hydrated

Skin is your body’s largest organ, so keeping it healthy is a must!  Here’s a few favorite tips and tricks to keep your skin moisturized:

  • Try not to use a lot of hot water when you bathe or shower.  I LOVE hot water, so this one is tough—but I try to limit how hot the water is when I shower or take a bath.  Hot water robs skin of moisture, so watch that temperature!
  • Choose a moisturizing body wash during the winter months as another way to keep skin hydrated.
  • When you towel off after bathing, pat your skin dry instead of rubbing.  Rubbing with a towel is abrasive, whereas patting your skin dry will work just as well without roughing up your skin.


  • Use body oil or lotion on your skin while it’s still damp.  I love using this Family Dollar brand oil either in my bath or as an after-bath moisturizer.
  • Make sure to use moisturizing hand soap, try to keep it free from harsh ingredients.  I also like to have a bar of moisturizing soap such as this Yardley brand for guests who stay overnight.


  • Use plastic gloves when you do the dishes or clean with cleaning products.  It’s amazing how much you can save your hands by protecting them from hot water and chemicals.
  • Keep hand lotion and lip moisturizer in your car, purse, or other places where you might need it.  I never seemed to have it when I need it, so I learned to keep my favorite lotions in my car, purse, on my desk, and on my sink.  Having them on hand means I use them more, and my hands and lips stay moisturized!


With these tips in place, you’ll keep your hair and skin moisturized and glowing despite the harsh changes in temperature and the damages that typically come with indoor heating this winter.  Ready, set, GLOW!

By: Carrie of Making Lemonade