How to have the perfect July 4th BBQ


I can’t believe it’s already summertime!

That means the kids are out of school, and there are a lot more outdoor barbecues and parties to be had. Plus, one of my favorite days of the year is coming up: The 4th of July!

It’s a fun time to rally friends and family together to celebrate our nation! With all the festivities, that probably means you’ll be doing a lot more shopping.

The good news is, at Family Dollar you can save a bundle on everything you’ll need to throw a wonderful celebration.

Nobody will know how much you saved, but something tells me you’ll probably want to share the good news!

From tablecloths, to décor, all the way to paper plates and plastic cups, you can stock up on all of your 4th of July party needs at Family Dollar!


You might not realize this, but Family Dollar has their own line of Family Gourmet products like all the condiments you’ll need at prices that beat other national brands.

Ketchup and mustard? They totally have you covered at a serious bargain.

Plus, they ALSO have the name brands you know and love. I don’t know about you, but no party is complete without Lay’s Salt & Vinegar chips. Yum!

Did you know you could stock up on classic foods for your 4th of July BBQ too?

If you haven’t taken advantage yet, Family Dollar has a great, expanded food selection that includes a lot of things you might not expect.

Hot dogs? Get ready to fire up the grill! I also spotted some Jalapeno & Cheddar smoked sausages that will definitely be a crowd pleaser!

No celebratory meal would be complete without a unique 4th of July recipe for dessert! Chances are it will be pretty hot at your party, so creating a cool treat is always a great idea! How about some mini ice cream cakes?


This is going to be the easiest dessert you’ve ever made! Simply cut an ice cream sandwich in half and stack the halves on top of each other. Frost with some whipped topping and add some festive colored sprinkles if you want to add some extra pizzazz! Store them in the freezer until it’s time to enjoy this cool treat with your family and friends! See, I told you it was easy!

Now, don’t they look adorable?


Whatever your plans are for the 4th, you can’t go wrong swinging by Family Dollar to grab everything you need!


By Dawn Lopez