How to Extend the Outdoor Season this Fall


Five Fall Outdoor Activities for Families


Fall is one of the most pleasant times to play outdoors, and its really important to soak up the crisp autumn air before we’re stuck indoors for the long winter season.  We’ve discovered a few ways to capture that feeling, from outdoor fall activities and games for kids to fall cooking and recipe ideas.  Ready to play along?  Here’s five fall outdoor activities the whole family will love!


1.  Nature Walks


This one is totally free and one of the most important ways to instill a love of nature in your children.  Simply go for a walk.  Ask questions along the way.  Make connections.  Have conversations about how the world works or why the sky is blue.  Have your kids point out everything they see.  Compare and contrast.  Find big and little.  Ask them to navigate, and learn which is right and which is left.  The possibilities are endless and you’ll be growing both young minds and your family bond at the same time.


2.  Collection Boxes

We love these small Sterilite boxes we picked up at Family Dollar.  We labeled each with a child’s name, and every time we head outdoors we bring them along.  They collect things outside, and we take them home and use them for crafts and games.  Our biggest rule is to only take what ISN’T alive.  That one rule covers a whole bunch of things you wouldn’t want your little one grabbing!


3.  Sorting & Crafting

Once home, we take a look at our treasures.  We sort everything by size, color, shape – you name it.  Have the kids come up with sorting ideas and go with it.  It’s fun to glue them to index cards and label each piece like a collector.  Then it’s fall crafting time.  Glue, scissors, index cards, and construction paper help us turn twigs into birdhouses and leaves into Leaf People. All this learning is FREE.  Isn’t fall awesome?!


4.  Outdoor Games for Kids

Let’s get outside as much as possible before the weather turns cold!  Use outdoor games from the store or simply throw a ball around.  We have an old croquet set we love to play with, and fall is a perfect time for doing so.  A game of kickball or soccer is fun for the whole family.  If you don’t have enough to make a whole ‘team’ (not many of us do!) then find modified ways to play such as trying to score a goal or running all the bases.  Sidewalk chalk is an oldie but goodie—we trace our shadows, make hopscotch boards, and practice our letters and numbers.


5.  Fall Foods to Savor

Oh, the food that Fall brings to our table!  Go apple and/or pumpkin picking as an outdoor activity.  Baked apples are a cinch, as are roasted pumpkin seeds.  Warm cider is simple to make as well.  Also on the easy scale are sliced apples with peanut butter or caramel covered apples for a really sweet treat.  If you’re a little more adventurous, attempt something more in depth like a pumpkin or apple pie, apple cobbler, or pumpkin spice cupcakes.  If you really want to extend the season, make your own pumpkin filling and freeze it to use during the cold winter months. Savor the flavors of fall cooking – they are delightful!


There you have it—our five favorite activities for enjoying fall and making it last a teeny bit longer.  Once winter arrives, you’ll be glad you grabbed fall and enjoyed it as much as possible.


By: Carrie of Making Lemonade                                                       Featured Products: Household