How to Distress during the Start of the Holiday Rush!


The holiday season is upon us, and it would be easy to let all the hustle and bustle stress us out. But, why let it? After all, it’s just beginning. Besides, the holidays are supposed to be about celebration and spending time with family – not dealing with holiday stress.

There are tons of articles out there, about dealing with holiday stress management. However, majority of those are complicated. And, who needs any more complications this season – especially when it comes to holiday stress tips.

Here are my top 5, sure-fire holiday stress busters:

  1. Baking – There’s something so soothing about baking. Maybe it’s the repetitive nature of mixing. Or maybe it’s knowing that when you’re done, you’ll have a delicious treat to eat. It could also be the smells that are bound to permeate your home. Either way, I love being in the kitchen, baking some sort of holiday dessert. When I’m in there, I’m undisturbed. It seems like the holiday rush doesn’t even exist. I’m not thinking about all the gifts I have yet to buy, or even about the logistics of visiting all of our family members. And, if you’re not a baker, that’s OK. These Cinnamon Streusel muffins by Betty Crocker are super easy to make. And, they taste even better than they look on the box.
  2. Reading – I’m an avid reader. I’ve been known to set myself up, in a corner of the couch and read for hours. There’s just something about immersing yourself in a book – in the life of someone else – that takes you out of all that ails you. Add a cup of something warm (cocoa, cider, tea or coffee) and you’ll be stress free in no time. The secret to this one is, no holiday-related books allowed.Bree_Holiday Rush_Books&Baking
  3. Word Searches/Crossword Puzzles – I once read an article that said if you want to get a song out of your head, do a crossword puzzle. Something about using another part of your brain to knock the song right out of there. I believe that the same can be said for holiday stress – or most stress, for that matter. I just grab my pen and get to work. Spending all my brainpower working on the puzzles and searches preoccupies my mind to the point that I don’t think about anything holiday-related at all.
  4. Journaling – One of my favorite things to do is to journal. Journaling is a great meditative practice that allows me to completely empty my mind onto the paper.  After writing out all that’s stressing me, I feel so much better. I truly believe journaling is something everyone can benefit from – especially during the holidays.Bree_HolidayRush_Journal&Wordsearch
  5. Bubble Baths – But, my ALL TIME FAVORITE way to distress, is to run myself a bubble bath, lock the bathroom door, and relax in the tub until the water runs cold.

Bree_HolidayRush_BubbleBath Combo

There you have it, five ways to de-stress during the holidays. Give one (or all) of them a try. I promise you won’t regret it! 

By: Bree of Mom with Moxie                                                  Featured Products: FoodHealth & Beauty