Gifts Dad’s Way


Father’s Day around here is all about doing exactly what my dad wants to do. Some years this means taking a drive up to the Blue Ridge Mountains, some years this means that we’re having a cook out and some years we’ve gone out for a nice dinner. No matter what we end up doing, we like to take that day to celebrate dad and everything that he’s done for us.

This year Dad wants to cookout in the backyard for Father’s Day, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’ll each be in charge of a dish for the cookout and we’ll all pitch in to clean up, so Dad doesn’t have to do anything on his special day.


While I was out looking for a gift for Dad, I found two of Dad’s favorite board games in miniature size. They’ll be perfect to play after we clean up from the cookout, or perhaps we’ll play a few games while we’re enjoying the weather and waiting on dinner to cook.  Board games have always been popular in our family, but sometimes we don’t drag them out because the large boards are a pain to pull out and arrange. These mini tabletop games set up in a snap, though!


I never know what to get my Dad for Father’s Day. I try not to go down the traditional route of buying a huge number of things that say “World’s Best Dad” or buying him ties or wallets. I like to find presents that he’ll love, but actually love and use.  I found a 3 photo picture frame and filled it with a few pictures of his favorite places.  He loves photographs, so I know he’ll love this for his office.

I got Dad a camera last year and I’ve been teaching him how to use the different settings, so these pictures are not only of places that he loves but they also represent time that I’ve spent with him working on a hobby that we both love.

I also found a few of these seeding pots to give to him.

Angie_Fathers Day_Combo

My Dad loves to garden, he can make any kind of flower or vegetable grow. He’s currently in love with an orange tree that we brought back from Florida a few years ago, he’s so proud that it’s actually growing oranges now.  Since he’s already got a few tomato plants growing, I thought that some peppers and herbs would be a new change for him.

Personalized gifts are always a winner here, I think they mean so much more when you’ve taken the time to find something or make something that represents someone.

I also asked my 4-year old niece what she would do for her Dad on Father’s Day. These are a few things that she suggested to celebrate Dad!

  • Cuddle and watch TV.
  • Color in coloring books.
  • Go on a trip to the park to swing.
  • Go on a fishing trip at the local pond.
  • Make cookies for him.

What ever you choose to do, just have fun and remember to celebrate DAD and show him how much you love him!

By: Angie of Big Bear’s Wife                   Featured Products: Father’s Day, Lawn & Garden, Games