Getting More for Less at Family Dollar


We all know that Family Dollar has great prices, but I’m about to show you a few favorite areas where they truly excel in offering super deals.  From discount clothing to food to home décor, deals are around every corner.  In fact, there are several items I only buy at Family Dollar because they have the best prices around, and it feels great to get more for less with the savvy shopping tips I’m about to share!

Discount Clothes

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of the pajamas at Family Dollar. My kids love the patterns and soft texture, and I love the low prices! We snag them for between $3 to $5, which beats name brand stores any day.  It’s also a great place to stock up on basics—tees, socks, undergarments—especially when you have young kids that seem to grow like weeds.  I personally love the long-sleeved tees, they make a great workout gear and cost next to nothing compared to large department stores!

Carrie3  Home Décor and Home Furnishings Discount

Decorating our home is a passion of mine—I love making it look beautiful and comfortable. Family Dollar makes it easy with great deals on home improvement supplies, light bulbs, and home décor.  Check out this gigantic faux fur bolster pillow I scored for just $10!  Similar bolsters can be found in other catalogs for $100 or more.

They also offer a variety of plastic bins and containers for organizing, as well as woven and wicker baskets that are pretty and useful for storing items out of sight. This plastic trash bin was only a few dollars and we use it to store cat food.  Utilitarian and not bad looking either!


Discount Art and Office Supplies

My kids enjoy crafting, painting, and coloring—so we go through a lot of art supplies in very little time.  No worries, Family Dollar has great prices on glue, crayons, paper, pipecleaners, notebooks and more so we always have a blank slate from which to start.  Here’s a fun tip: gather up a bunch of art supplies and place them in a pretty basket. Makes a creative birthday gift for your favorite young artist!


Discount Food and Pantry Items

When I spot a sale at Family Dollar I stock up! For example, check out this recent sale on a 6 pack of Deer Park water bottles for $1. Retail outlets like convenience stores charge over $1 per bottle, so I’m saving bunches by buying in bulk. I also love to stock up on inexpensive pantry staples like crackers and breakfast bars—the prices can’t be beat!

Carrie6 Discount Paper Products and Cleaning Supplies

Other great areas for stocking up?  Paper products and cleaning supplies.  Family Dollar already has low prices, but I also keep my eyes open for sales. I spotted these wipes over $4 for a single container at another store this week, so when I saw a 3-pack on sale at Family Dollar for only $5 I quickly grabbed it. Can’t beat those prices!


Getting more for less at Family Dollar means more money in your pocket. And we can all use a little extra, right?  Stroll the aisles of your local store and let me know which great deals grab your attention. If you need me, I’ll be stocking up on food, pajamas, art supplies, and more at Family Dollar!

By: Carrie of Making Lemonade