Gardening without a “Green Thumb”


My dad is a great gardener. He has the magic touch of the “green thumb.” I, however, was not born with this awesome “green thumb;” or maybe I was born with it and I managed to kill it off sometime during my youth.

After I got married and attempted my hand at gardening, I always seemed to be carrying half dead plants over to my parent’s house so that my dad could work his magic on them and bring them back to life. I was a plant killer, he was the plant doctor.  I even managed to kill a house plant that my mother said was “an un-killable, live forever plant!”

I blame it on the fact that I never took the time to learn about a garden. I just plopped seeds into dirt and poured water on them, hoping that by some miracle they would grow.

That outlook changed, though, when we moved into our new house. I have a place for a flower garden now and we’re working on putting together box planters in the backyard so that I can have a mini vegetable garden.  While I’m waiting on warmer weather for the outside vegetable garden, I went ahead and planted a few pots of vegetable seeds to sit in the window seals. Hopefully by starting them inside this year, I’ll be able to transfer plants outside into the real garden instead of trying to plant seeds out there initially.

For my inside pots, I’ve planted tomatoes, peas, and zucchini.


Angie_SpringGarden3Inside seedlings need a lot of light. We have a ton of light in our new house so getting sunlight isn’t a problem here; however, I try to keep them outside directly in the sunlight as much as I can. I always bring them in at night.

They’ll also need water, but not too much. My dad says that when checking to see if they need water you’ll need to get your hands dirty, well maybe not the whole hand, but you’ll need to actually stick your finger down into the dirt. If it is moist, don’t water it, but if the dirt is dry then you should water it.  *This used to be one of my problems, I would water them just to be watering them!*

I hope I can keep these little seedlings happy this time!

For our outside flowerbed, we started by clearing out all of the dead plants and weeds. We left the rosebushes that were there when we moved in and a few little bushes. I didn’t realize how rough it looked until we fixed everything.

We bought 3 bags of potting soil and mixed 2 of the bags with the dirt that was already in the flower beds. Then we covered the tops of the flowerbeds with the third bag of potting soil, so we would have a nice “clean” surface to work with.


For our flowers, I picked out a variety of different colors and types. Instead of going with seeds, I chose flower bulbs this time. (My grandmother always said they were easier to work with.)


We dug a few inches down and planted the flower bulbs. We covered them with potting soil and watered them.


I also bought a few garden decorations.

I felt like the front of our house needed a little life and color and these were perfect. We picked out a little dog with a welcome sign for the right side of the house.


For the left side of the house we added a small garden trellis and a colorful little owl to brighten up the flowerbed.


And a pretty garden flag welcomes our guests.


I also bought a few hummingbird feeders to stick into some potted plants as soon as I decide what I want. I think birds, especially hummingbirds, make a garden even more beautiful!

By: Angie of Big Bear’s Wife                                                       Featured Products: Lawn & Garden