Fun Thanksgiving Decorations to do with your Kids


Thanksgiving decorations for kids are everywhere, kids can help with anything involving a decoration, they just love to be part of it!

One of the main decorations I change at home every season is the centerpiece of the dining table. It’s been a while since I don’t use candles to decorate but during this season all we want to experience at home is a warm and cozy feeling, so scented candles help a lot with that.

This is a super easy Thanksgiving craft that can be put together in minutes. The kids were excited to help me in arranging the flowers and just setting up all the elements we got at Family Dollar on the table.


Thanksgiving Centerpiece

What you need:
A basket
Plastic Fall Colored Flowers
2 scented candles
Seasonal salt & pepper shakers
(or Fall ornament)
Wire cutter






-Cut flowers in little groups or one by one (depending on how the basket is) at the bottom with a wire cutter and arrange them nicely in the basket.

-Arrange the candles and ornaments with the basket of flowers on top of a placemat or small table cloth or napkin and it’s done! Make sure to blow the candles when there is nobody around!


For our Thanksgiving crafts decorations we usually do a lot of them involving giving thanks. Even though the kids are not so old to understand everything, since they were babies we’ve been doing it and it’s now part of a tradition at home. The craft usually involves leaves as well.


Thank You Leaves Frames

Construction paper
Collected leaves
Poster paint
Thin tip markers
Craft glue








-Take out the photo that comes inside the frame, place it on top of a construction paper and trace around it with a pencil on the construction paper.

-Have the kids paint each leaf with a different color, let them dry and then add glue to the bottom of each leaf, randomly glue them on the construction paper.


-Place several books on top of the finished art so the leaves glue well for at least 3 hours or overnight.

-Let the kids and the whole family write with a marker on each leaf what they are thankful for (if they are too young, let them draw it!), and make it one or 2 words.

-Cut the finished artwork and place it inside the frame. Hang it in your favorite corner of the house!


By: Dariela of Mami Talks               Featured Products: Home Décor, Craft & Art Supplies, Thanksgiving