Fun Fall Crafts to Make with the Kids


Fall is a wonderful time for kids crafts because aside from a few basic supplies (scissors, glue, tape, & construction paper) everything you need can be found for FREE right outside your doorstep. Taking a note from nature can give you so many Fall craft ideas. Colorful leaves, acorns, pinecones, and even twigs can be converted into easy Fall crafts for kids, at no cost to you.  It all begins with a nature walk to collect these free treasures, and ends with whatever little imaginations can create.

Carrie_Fall Kids Craft_Combo1

Here’s what we collected on our nature walk and stored in clear, plastic tubs.  My daughter decided she wanted to make a birdhouse, so we taped together four pieces of cardboard for the walls.  We added glue to the sides, and placed small dried twigs on top.  Then, we let it dry for a few hours.

Carrie_Fall Kids Crafts_Combo2

After it was dry, we taped the last two sides together and stood it up to make the house.  My daughter drew and cut out a window and a door using construction paper and markers.

Carrie_Fall Kids Crafts_Combo3

She then added a few stickers in the bare spots.

Carrie_Kids Fall Crafts_Combo4

Every home needs a roof, and we constructed ours from faux fall leaves by using a few drops of glue.  You could also use real fall leaves from your nature walk, just be aware they may not last the whole winter.

The birdhouse isn’t exactly weatherproof, but on nice days we put it outside anyways.  On other days, it sits on a shelf to remind us of the splendor nature and fall provides.

My son wanted to make train tracks using twigs, so we used a long strip of cardboard and glued twigs on top.  We need another nature walk to find pieces for his train—we’re thinking a large pinecone and some acorn caps will do the trick!

Carrie_Fall Kids Crafts_Combo5

You can also make ‘leaf men’ (and women).  Glue leaves to construction paper, add eyes, fingers, toes, hair if you want, and you’ve got leaf people.  This is a great way to use extra kids craft supplies you may have on hand such as googly eyes, markers, pom-poms and pipe cleaners.


There are so many Fall craft ideas for kids, and most start with the treasures you can find right outside your door.  Can’t wait to see what you make, the possibilities are endless!

By: Carrie of Making Lemonade                                                       Featured Products: Crafts & Art Supplies