Family Fun in the Summer Sun


During the summer we love to go outdoors and spend time under the sun, even though San Diego weather is so nice all year. We do have a big difference during the summer, it gets warm enough to go to the beach and the parks without sweaters!

We LOVE to go out for a picnic, and usually take some picnic items with us on some outings (even if we’re not going to a park) just in case we get hungry. We sit on a bench and enjoy a snack right away. No need to find a place to eat or spend tons of money all the time.


There are lots of fun picnic items at Family Dollar, especially for the kids. We got the cutest park chairs that are foldable and come with a bag to carry. Perfect because we didn’t have chairs for the kids so they always wanted to sit in the big chairs and leave us with no place to sit!


There are many type of kid’s cups, we found one that has a cord and a snack container attached on the bottom. One of my usual picnic foods is peanut butter, the one that comes with “on the go” containers, it’s very practical to take and dip fruit or crackers. For adults there are colorful plates, containers and cups to make a nice picnic setup. Oh and let’s not forget the balls! Kids love a ball – it’s a simple entertainer to do while in a picnic.

Gardening is another activity that I really enjoy doing with the kids during summer.


I am not as experienced as I’d like, but my mom is and she teaches me some things here and there. So when I take care of the plants with the kids it feels so special, they enjoy any little detail, like just placing some rocks into the pot and watering the plants, which for them is amazing. Family Dollar has some helpful supplies for gardening. I got everyone a different colored pair of gardening gloves, shovels and pots to plant.


So, that is another activity we will also be doing a lot this summer, watering and taking care of the plants!

By: Dariela of Mami Talks                                                        Featured Products: FoodLawn & Garden