The summer season brings tons of fun, but also lots of possibilities for dry and damaged hair when out enjoying the sun or taking a dip in salt and chlorine water. Fall is the perfect season to get your hair back on track, and transition into winter with gorgeous hair. Just follow these hair care tips, and check out these awesome products to help you fall into shiny, healthy hair:


Less shampoo: You probably used a lot of shampoo during summer months to get rid of the chlorine and salt, but during the fall season you won’t need to douse your hair in shampoo. Instead, wash your hair with a moisturizing conditioner to avoid dry hair, this is called co-washing. Just use the conditioner the same as if you were using a shampoo, and you will be amazed with the results.


Deep Conditioner: This is extremely important to any hair care regimen, and even more important during fall months. So, while you have been soaking up the sun and all the fun of summer, your hair can be striped of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. The cold weather will only make it worse, so deep conditioners are a must.  Dry hair is caused by the absence of water in and around the hair cuticle, so deep treatment will help you restore your hair and make it feel and look smooth and silky. 


Seal It In: Moisturizing your hair is extremely important, and a very important part of the moisturizing process is sealing in the moisture after you deep condition, detangle, and rinse it out. Use a water based leave-in conditioner, then apply a light oil like jojoba, coconut, olive oil or a combination of them. Some people, like me, prefer to apply oil before applying leave-in conditioner, so just do whatever your hair likes the most.


Be Aware of the Accessories:  Wool accessories are your hair’s worst enemy! No joke, it can damage your hair and your style, causing breakage due to friction, not to mention it soaks the moisture out of your hair. Choose your accessories wisely! At your Family Dollar store, you can find a lot of hair friendly accessories that won’t break your hair or bank account.

As you may have already noticed, these tips are good all year around, but they are crucial to transitioning into fall with beautiful hair. You can find all your hair care needs at Family Dollar to get your hair looking great for less.

By Daily Baez