Fabulous Fall Fashion on a Budget


Fall clothing for women (men and children, too!) isn’t cheap. However, It is possible to update your wardrobes, without spending a huge amount of money.

When it comes to saving money, while updating my family’s and my fall wardrobe, one of the ways I do so is to buy items that will take my clothes from summer to fall. Items like camisoles, tank tops, tights, leggings, sweaters, accessories, etc.

Two ways I use these items to “stretch” our summer wardrobes are layering and accessorizing.


For me, layering with camisoles, tank tops, sweaters, jackets, blazers, etc. serves multiple purposes: style, warmth and modesty.  Each year, since I wear them so often, I buy new camisoles and tank tops.

For the kid and the hubs, layering with long-sleeve tees extends the wear of summer t-shirts by adding long-sleeve tees. That way, they can continue wearing the shirts they love, and stay warm at the same time! We get new long-sleeve tees every year, as well.


The kid is also a HUGE fan of jackets and hoodies. He also likes to wear long-sleeve, button-up shirts (unbuttoned) over his t-shirts.


For women and girls, accessorizing your summer dresses with tights (or leggings) and boots is a cute and inexpensive way to make something look different and “new.”

Adding scarves and fall-colored leather belts to any outfit is also a great way to incorporate splashes of fall style.


For men and boys (and girls as well), adding a cute fedora or beanie, made of seasonal materials, is a great way to update wardrobes, without breaking the bank.

While we do buy a few select new fall clothes (the kid is really rough on pants), I’m a huge supporter of repurposing. Taking what’s old, and finding a new use for it – or altering it, so it remains useable.

It’s a challenge, each year, to be creative while repurposing. Luckily, there are tons of fashion websites that have lots of awesome fall clothes ideas for women, men and children.

By: Bree of Mom with Moxie                                                          Featured Products: Clothing