Fall Beauty & Hair tips for All Skin Tones


It’s good to start the Fall season with a trim or a haircut, and get rid of those damaged ends. Some friends are really into what the fall beauty trends are for the year, but I’m not concerned with keeping up with the 2013 fall beauty trends. So even though fall hairstyles are showing long hair, I like to keep mine shorter and with layers. My hair is very curly, so maintaining long curls sometimes gets very tedious, although I’ve done it before. I don’t mind it, but there are times for everything. I do love to have highlights and summer gives me even more natural highlights, so they will keep looking great for a long period over Fall.

For dry hair like mine its best to wash it every other day, I love Suave Professionals and now they’ve come up with the Moroccan infusion, which has been going around the hair salons for a while – even though it wasn’t available at regular stores.


A leave-in conditioner is what you will need to look into using after the hair is washed. I recommend something like Garnier Fructis Steel and Shine, apply lots of it right after the shower with your hands. Don’t comb or brush once out of the water, though. Apply some of their serum, which helps with the frizz, and for the last touch apply a very thick treatment like the brand Olive Oil from ORS. This last product might seem strong and it is! It’s very thick so applying less of it will do, but it works wonders on very curly hair.


Now my kids don’t have the same hair I do, they have straight hair. I once applied a leave-in conditioner for my son and his hair became all greasy! I thought it would just be like a gel or something, but I learned from my mistake and won’t be doing that again!

For their hair we use the regular kid’s shampoo that Family Dollar has, it contains shampoo and detangler as a 2-in-1. But starting this Fall I’m applying a little bit of conditioner at least once a week in their hair. I’ve noticed how much softer and easier their hair is to brush afterwards. And because I love Suave I immediately thought about using their regular conditioner.


The kids do need a detangler afterwards anyways and, in the mornings, when I need to brush their hair before school. For girls, a low and casual ponytail is very in for fall 2013 hairstyles. I like this because it’s different than what we were doing for the summer, which was a lot of high ponytails and braids. Also, just using a barrette on her hair on top will look very stylish for the fall season.


By: Dariela of Mami Talks                               Featured Products: Health & Beauty