End of Summer Pool Party ideas


It’s almost time to head back to school, so let’s have one last hurrah to celebrate summer – a pool party that’ll give the kids a last great summer memory to talk about on their first day back!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a huge pool to have a pool party.  You can find small inflatable pools that will do the trick, or set up an array of splashy sprinkler inflatables that will get the kids soaking wet while keeping it fun.  Inflatables like this lizard sprinkler allow kids to run around and get all their energy out with very little work from you.


Whether your pool is big or small, in-ground or inflatable, Family Dollar has an array of toys to add even more fun to your pool party ideas.  Water guns (and even spray bottles, which are less intense for the little guys) are a classic pool-time activity.  Throw some playground balls into the pool and you’ll have kids screaming with joy.  Hula-hoops and summer go hand-in-hand, too; lay out a few of them for some twirling fun.


Now that you’ve got your water play area set up, it’s time to add the details.  First up, furniture for resting and lounging.  Grab a few extra chairs (you’ll need both adult sized and kids’ sized), and perhaps an umbrella to provide some shade.

Plastic tablecloths make clean-up a cinch while adding a festive atmosphere.  Grab a few favorite colors and use them on tables or to picnic.


Hydration is key when it comes to summer fun.  Grab some jugs of spring water you can keep in big tub of ice, or go for individual bottles and skip the cups altogether.

If you do use disposable cups, here’s a tip: keep a Sharpie pen next to the cups so guests can write their names on them.  No more mixed-up cups!


If your pool party is at night, you’ll need some insect control.  Keep it classy and pretty with citronella candles in a brightly colored tin, placed strategically around the yard and patio.

With lots of adult supervision, sparklers can be a super way to end the night.  Talk about a last hurrah!


These favor boxes are SO perfect for summer.  Stuff ‘em with some treats and send them home with guests for a perfect end to a perfect summer.


See how easy an end-of-summer pool party can be?  What a festive and fun way to celebrate the end of a favorite season!

By: Carrie of Making Lemonade                                                       Featured Products: Back to School