Easter Egg Hunt Ideas with a Twist


Looking for a new twist to the traditional Easter Egg hunt?  Perhaps your kids will participate in more than one egg hunt this year and you’d like to do something different, or you’d like to ensure siblings get an equal number of eggs.  Here’s three ‘Easter Egg Hunt Ideas with a Twist’ that will help with both of those goals!

1.  Easter Egg String Hunt

Ready to get tangled up in eggs?  First decide how many trails you’d like to make, likely one for each child.  You’ll need a long length of yarn for each trail (use different colors if you can).  Hide plastic eggs around the room.  Then, start in one spot and unravel yarn as you move toward the first hiding spot.  Close the plastic egg over the yarn to attach it.


Then, move to the next egg and repeat.

Do this with each length of string, attaching different eggs as you go.


When you are done, you’ll have a criss-crossed room that might resemble a spider web.  Everyone starts at the same time with their own string, following it and finding eggs that can be hidden in tricky places like inside drawers, under cushions, and in cabinets.  It’s a bundle of laughs as you duck and weave and try to find all your eggs first!

2.  Easter Egg Color Hunt

If you have children of various ages and the older ones tend to find all the eggs first, here’s a way to fix that—assign each child a color!  You can even use a matching Easter basket, a perfect way for the youngest ones to know which is their color.  Using eggs in different textures and styles makes it more fun because you’ll get a variety of shades of each color.  Family Dollar has many different styles such as glitter, pastels, metallic, and even confetti eggs to make this possible.


Carrie_DryErase3.  Spelling Eggs

The teacher part of me likes to make things fun as well as educational.  Here’s a way to mix Easter with a reading game to figure out a ‘mystery sentence.’

Choose a sentence or phrase related to Easter.  Use a dry erase marker to write a letter on each egg that spells out the phrase.   Here’s my favorite dry erase marker with an eraser in the cap.  You can find them in packs of 5 at Family Dollar.

For younger children, consider using one color egg for the letters for each word.  So all the letters for the word ‘Happy’ are written on pink eggs and ‘Easter’ on blue eggs.  This will make it easier to decode the phrase word by word.


After the egg hunt ends, have the kids work together to figure out the mystery phrase.  Once it’s been solved, divide up the eggs evenly and enjoy!

Who knew there were so many different ways to hunt for Easter eggs?  Now that you have a few new ideas, it’s time to get ready, get set, and GO!

By: Carrie of Making Lemonade                                              Featured Products: Seasonal – Easter