Back to school is here, and in addition to busier schedules, this time of year also brings more expenses. Paying school fees, buying school clothes, covering kids’ activity fees, and purchasing school supplies can easily rack up a hefty price tag.

While some back to school expenses like school fees and textbook rentals have fixed prices, one possible way to save on back to school is when buying your child’s school supplies. Paying full retail price for school supplies can really add up when you have a long shopping list, especially when you have multiple children.


My little man is going into Pre-K this year, and we headed out tonight to buy his school supplies for the very first time. I was surprised at how long his list was for his first “real” year of school.

With so many items to buy, we headed to Family Dollar so we could stretch our school supply budget as far as possible. We were able to get everything on his back to school shopping list in just a few minutes, and for a fraction of the price of many other retail chains.


If you’re also looking to save on school supply shopping this month, here are

Five Tips for Saving on Back to School Supplies.

1) Comparison Shop

With busy work and school schedules, it can be tempting to just go and purchase all your child’s school supplies in one place because of the convenience. However, to get the best prices, be sure to watch ads, look out for deals in circulars, and compare prices on the items your child needs. The savings can often be worth the extra trip or two to the store, and don’t forget to watch for coupons to save even more!

2) Use Technology to Save

In addition to using printed coupons, be sure to sign up for e-mail and text coupons for your favorite retailers. Family Dollar has great mobile and email alerts you can sign up for in 3 easy steps to get tons of great savings. These are a great ways to maximize your school shopping savings right from your smart phone, and no coupon clipping is required!

3) Consider All Brands

Unless your child’s school absolutely requires a specific brand, consider purchasing other brands rather than leading brands. These are often made in the same factories as major brands, just with different labeling, and they can be purchased for just a fraction of the price. Family Dollar has the leading national brands, along with other lesser-known brands so you can compare prices right in the store and save!

4) Stock Up

Find a great price on an item that your child needs? Buy extra if your budget permits! Stock the items away until your child needs them for homework, next semester, or even next school year to avoid paying full price later. Better yet, consider donating the extra items to your child’s school. There are many students who cannot afford supplies, and teachers often end up purchasing supplies out of their own budget. Every little donation helps!

5) Save Up for a Few Splurges
For kids, part of the excitement of back to school is getting fun new things to kick off the school year. When you’re able to do some smart shopping by watching deals and purchasing discount school supplies at retailers like Family Dollar, it gives you a little bit extra for a splurge or two to buy something special your kids want for school.

Whether it’s a fun new backpack with their favorite superhero, a lunchbox with a popular cartoon character, or even a new t-shirt featuring a beloved Disney character, when budget permits allow your kids to pick out a special item or two to add some extra fun to back to school shopping.

What are your tips for saving for back to school?

By Kim Ritter