Did you get everything on your list this Holiday season? Find what you really want at Family Dollar


Christmas day has come and gone, but many of us are still shopping. Did you get everything on your list? Do you have a gift card burning a hole in your pocketbook? Are you looking for belated Christmas gifts for yourself? Did someone unexpectedly surprise you with a gift and now you’d like to return the favor?

Whatever the case, Family Dollar is a great spot to grab some after Christmas gifts at incredible prices. Here are some of my recommendations!

I found a beautiful Africa artwork (as seen above) for twelve dollars. There’s a special spot in my living room waiting for this to be hung! For a tween girl, I found inspired fragrance sets for less than five dollars. This will keep them out of Mommy’s expensive smell goods:


For my oldest son, I found a Spider-Man Mega Bloks set and puzzle. He received quite a few Spider-Man gifts this year, so I wanted to top them off with a few smaller items to keep him busy.

I thought these plush monsters were absolutely adorable. I had to grab them for both of my boys. They now reside in the teepee I built them on Christmas Eve.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Christmas gift ideas! Each and every item was on sale. The toys were significantly marked down. Score!

Even if you are not shopping for yourself, now would be a great opportunity to build a gift stash for those unexpected event invites! You never know when you’ll need to pull out a gift!

By Sheena Tatum