Cold and Flu season – tips to stay ahead of the game!


The week before Christmas was hectic here. I was just starting my Christmas shopping and was also starting to feel awful. I was tired and sluggish with aches all over! I knew what that meant! Oh no, I was getting sick the week before Christmas! I just didn’t have time to get sick! So far we’ve been lucky during this cold and flu season but I knew that my luck was running out! I called my husband and he gave me some old and flu season tips from him so that I could kick these cold and flu symptoms before they took me down.  Here is what we stocked up on as well as a few flu and cold tips!

#1. Disinfecting Wipes

I cleaned the whole house with these. Anyone that gives you flu tips will tell you that you need to disinfect everything! These wipes kill the flu virus and 99.9% of bacteria. Keep everything clean to keep the flu virus and germs from spreading throughout the house!


#2.  Bottles of Hand Sanitizer

Keep small bottles of Hand Sanitizer in your purse, at the office, in your car and at home. Use them regularly to clean your hands and to keep germs away, especially when you’re out in public.


#3. Multi-Symptom Cold and Flu Relief 

Take these at the first signs of sickness to help beat the flu or cold before it gets worse. I took these the day I started to feel bad and was back to normal within a day or two.


#4 Emergen- C “Vitamin C”

Vitamin C is great for the immune system! Emergen- C will help to boost your immune system! During the winter months I try to give my immune system a power boost with as much Vitamin C as I can in order to help fight off colds and the flu!


By: Angie of Big Bear’s Wife