Coca-Cola & Family Dollars! Savings


We throw a lot of cookouts during the summer, there is just something about a warm evening that just makes us want to relax and hang out around the grill.  We invite friends over, we invite family over, and the by time everyone arrives, our house and deck is normally packed.  While I always have large amounts of food for everyone, I tend to forget about the drinks. We only keep enough drinks in the house for my husband and myself, though I normally drink water anyway. So what everyone is going to drink is one of those questions that slip my mind when I’m getting ready for a cookout or party.

When I heard about Coca-Cola products being included in the Family Dollars! program, I knew it’d be best if I go right before one of our weekend cookouts. So, I stopped by our local Family Dollar on the way home from work on Friday afternoon and grabbed a few drinks for the weekend.  Small bottled drinks were perfect for our cookout – I just filled a large bucket with ice, sat the drinks down inside and let the guests pick their own personal soda.


I grabbed a pack of regular Coca-Cola, a pack of Diet Coke, a pack of Sprite and two packs of Dasani Water bottles.  I love to have a variety when it comes to food or drinks for parties.

Since I bought at least $10 in Coca-Cola products I received $3 Family Dollars! instant rewards printed on the bottom of my receipt. The next weekend when I was back at Family Dollar getting plates and napkins for another cookout I was able to save by using those 3 Family Dollars! instant rewards on that purchase. I also went ahead and picked up some more Coca-Colas for the weekend as well.


By: Angie of Big Bear’s Wife                                                                  Featured Products: Food